If you’re a proud owner of a Tesla Model S, you know this electric vehicle is a marvel of engineering and design. But even the finest vehicles can sometimes benefit from a few aftermarket upgrades and modifications. One popular accessory for the Model S is wheel spacers – but what exactly do they do?

Wheel spacers are simple yet ingenious devices that create more clearance between your wheel and the vehicle’s hub. They are essentially rings that fit over the existing wheel studs/lug nuts, positioning the wheels a bit farther out from the body of the car. Installing wheel spacers can provide some valuable benefits:

Improved Handling One of the main reasons to use wheel spacers is for better handling dynamics. By spacing the wheels out a little wider, you increase the track width which can improve stability and cornering grip. A wider stance reduces body roll in turns.

Accommodates Wider Wheels/Tires. If you want to upgrade to wider wheels and tires on your Tesla for improved traction and stance, wheel spacers may be required to create enough clearance. Without them, ultra-wide rubber may rub against the fenders or suspension components.

Aesthetic Enhancement. For many Tesla owners, wheel spacers are installed purely for the improved look they provide. Creating a meatier, more aggressive stance by spacing the wheels farther out towards the fenders gives the Model S a muscular, high-performance appearance.

What Do Tesla Model S Wheel Spacers Do? What Do Tesla Model S Wheel Spacers Do?

Why BONOSS Tesla Model S Wheel Spacers Are the Best?

If you do opt for Tesla wheel spacers, you’ll want to choose a premium product from a respected manufacturer like BONOSS. Their wheel spacers for the Model S incorporate industry-leading design and materials to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Global Pioneer Active Cooling Technique. One of the hallmarks of BONOSS wheel spacers is their global pioneer active cooling technology. This innovative design allows air to flow between the wheel spacer and the hub, providing critical cooling to the brakes and preventing heat buildup that could lead to warping or other damage.

High-Strength Forged Aluminum Construction. While some wheel spacers use cast aluminum which can be brittle, BONOSS spacers are crafted from premium AL7075-T6 aluminum alloy forged under extreme pressure. This forging process increases tensile strength to over 572 MPa, far exceeding most cast aluminum spacers.

If you’re considering upgrading your Tesla Model S with wheel spacers, do yourself a favor and select the brand trusted by professional racers, automotive manufacturers, and performance enthusiasts around the world: BONOSS. Their pursuit of perfection through innovative engineering and premium materials results in uncompromising wheel spacers that enhance the performance and style of your Tesla while ensuring your safety.