The thread size of Nissan 370Z lug nuts is M12x1.25mm. In most cases, the stock 370Z lug nuts are made out of chrome-plated steel, which offers enough strength and an acceptable cost. When properly torqued, they apply a clamping force to keep the wheels in place. But there are many good quality aftermarket Nissan 370Z wheel nuts that are ideal for better strength and resistance to corrosion. You can invest in new Nissan 370Z lug nuts to bring your vehicle to higher performance.

While a certain look may draw you in, choosing the right seat type for your Nissan 370Z lug nuts is eventually important. The wrong lug seat type could create a laundry list of problems. For example, when torqued, the seat parts of the wheel nuts are in contact with the lug holes of the wheels. If not contact perfectly, the stem can catch so it seems like these Nissan 370Z lug nuts are tightened when they actually aren’t. Therefore, when choosing new 370Z lug nuts, figuring out the correct seat type is very important.

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Should I Replace Nissan 370Z Lug Nuts?

BONOSS provides forged Titanium Nissan 370Z lug nuts for your performance upgrade project. Titanium lug nuts are much lighter than other wheel nuts. For example, each BONOSS Titanium lug nut is about 34g, and a set of BONOSS Titanium Nissan 370Z lug nuts wright about 680g. Many racing enthusiasts will use Titanium Nissan 370Z lug nuts for reducing the vehicle’s weight. Less unsprung weight makes your car faster, decreases fuel consumption, and improves engine efficiency. These Titanium Nissan 370Z lug nuts are considered to be one of the easiest and quickest items that bring your car to higher performance.

Most Nissan 370Z lug nuts are hex shaped. BONOSS Titanium locking lug nuts are designed with unique Heptagon (7-side) shape heads, which make them hard to be stolen due to their irregular shapes. Without corresponding key sockets, even a professional thief will spend more time dealing with these lug nuts. To well protect your finest wheels, a set of Heptagon Nissan 370Z lug nuts will be very helpful. It may be a small investment to you, but they do protect your rims from being stolen.

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