The Infiniti G37 lug nuts are the most critical hardware used to lock and center the wheels of your vehicle. Getting the correct lug nuts installed ensures that your wheel is safely and securely fastened. You may have already known the thread size of 2007-2015 Infiniti G37 lug nuts is M12x1.25mm. Then the next step is to figure out the lug seat types. Only the seat types match can your new wheels be properly mounted. However, aftermarket wheels often come with various seat types. If you change to new wheels, there is a high chance you need new lug nuts to fit.

Properly torqued the Infiniti G37 lug nuts ensure the lug nuts are snugged up to the correct specifications. The safety of the wheel nuts is crucial to keep your performance wheels on your vehicle. If you cannot find the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended torque spec, you can use the following as a REFERENCE: 108 – 130NM for aluminum wheels (always inquire with a tire expert before operating). Always stick to reputable brand lug nuts. A set of good brand Infiniti G37 lug nuts can handle forces better without breaking.

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Should I Replace the Stock Infiniti G37 Lug Nuts?

When replacing the stock wheels, it is a good idea to use a new set of Infiniti G37 lug nuts to fit. To properly secure the wheels and tires, BONOSS provides ISO grade 12 high-strength Infiniti G37 lug nuts. An ISO grade 12 marking means the proof load of this wheel nut has reached metric grade 12 standards – proof load ≥ 105,700 N. When properly torqued, the clamping force will lock the wheels safely and firmly. Most stock G37 lug nuts are ISO grade 8. Changing to higher-grade Infiniti G37 lug nuts is a way to improve safety.

What’s better, the BONOSS forged 50BV30 Infiniti G37 lug nuts kit includes 4 heptagon wheel locks and corresponding 7-side shape key. When the key with hex socket inserts sets the nut inside, the heptagon key fits around the irregular shapes of the nut. This allows you to install/remove the locking Infiniti G37 lug nuts. The requirement of a unique tool reduces the risk of stripping the lug nut and preventing the wheel from theft. They add extra security to your nice wheels.

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