The most common thread pitch of Porsche wheel studs is M14x1.5mm. In most cases, Porsche cars use wheel bolts instead of lug nuts to secure the wheels. A lug bolt features a threaded stem attached to a conical/ball seat that matches the wheel insert. This makes it hard to align the bolt holes when mounting the wheels. A wheel stud conversion kit easily solves this problem. It provides an easier and stronger fasten method than using the stock Porsche wheel bolts.

The kit includes a kind of special Porsche wheel studs with both ends threaded. The short end is threaded in the hub assembly and the wheel is fastened to the studs with provided lug nuts. This provides an easier wheel mounting method and a more competitive stance. Besides, the studs’ thread length is usually made longer which allows for installing different thickness wheel spacers without extended wheel bolts. These Porsche wheel studs offer an easy way to align the wheel, which makes it more fluent to change wheels.

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What Is the Best Porsche Wheel Studs Conversion Kit?

For those who pursue extreme performance, BONOSS forged Titanium Porsche wheel stud conversion kit will be the best option. Titanium wheel studs are strong and light. These BONOSS forged Titanium wheel bolts are fully TÜV ISO standard test reports certificated: tensile strength ≥ 1,080 MPa, ultimate tensile load ≥ 138,800 N, proof load ≥ 104,000 N, and hardness (Vickers)≥347. Each Titanium stud only weighs 62g. They feature great fatigue strength and tensile strength, hard and high-temperature resistance.

Even at extreme temperatures up to 400 to 500°C, BONOSS Titanium Porsche wheel studs maintain great performance. A thin oxide (TiO2, titania) layer spontaneously forms cover on the surface, which gives them extraordinary corrosion resistance ability. Each stud conversion is processed hard-anodized surface treatment, smooth 100%, with no scratches. Meanwhile, BONOSS Titanium Porsche wheel studs come with Titanium, Nitrogen-blue, and Coffee-golden colors, making your vehicle more outstanding and attractive.

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