The REFERENCE torque spec of 1995-2025 Chevy Silverado truck lug nuts will be 140-190Nm. Most aftermarket wheels require new lug nuts to ensure a proper fit. When it comes to strength needs, steel wheel nuts are better. Technically steel is harder and stronger. Besides, its strength means that it is unlikely to bend or stretch. When crossing bumpy roads, steel Silverado wheel nuts can offer more resistance to impact cracks. They are perfect for 4×4 off-roading events.

Check the seat type of wheels before purchasing. It’s also essential to be aware of the head shape. All in all, aftermarket lug nuts can add a personalized style and improve the safety of your truck. When planning to enhance the overall appearance of the truck, the wheels are normally the first place that people look at. By using Chevy Silverado truck lug nuts of different styles, you can make the rims more noticeable.

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Can I Trust Aftermarket Silverado Truck Lug Nuts?

Brand-new Silverado lug nuts are not easy to break off. For those who intend to improve the performance and appearance of their pickup trucks with a small budget, BONOSS forged ISO grade 12 50BV30 Silverado truck lug nuts will be a good idea. Due to actual measurement and vehicle-specific design, each BONOSS wheel lug nut is made according to your vehicle’s specifications. In addition, the forged process allows the Silverado truck lug nuts to undertake high loads while providing durability.

Forged Silverado lug nuts are oftentimes stronger and more durable than universal ones. The super forging process maximizes the strength which makes them highly resistant to wear and damage. In addition, BONOSS lug nuts will undergo a series of safety tests before leaving the factory such as impact resistance, tensile strength, and hardness. The minimum proof load is over 105,700N. This means these BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel Silverado truck lug nuts remain in good condition over time. Take a look now!

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