The REFERENCE torque spec on Lexus IS300 lug nuts will be 103 Nm. Please note that different wheel nuts need different torque values. It is highly recommended to consult a tire expert before operating. Typically, a wheel with five lug nuts is tightened in a star-shaped pattern. This ensures an even weight distribution across the wheel mounting plate. As long as you torque them properly, high-quality aftermarket IS300 lug nuts are exactly safe to use.

Generally, there are three types of Lexus IS300 lug nuts: steel nuts, aluminum nuts, and titanium nuts. Aluminum nuts and steel nuts are the most common and cost-effective types. Almost all OEM Lexus lug nuts are made of steel alloy. In comparing the strength of steel and aluminum, technically steel is harder and stronger. Besides, its strength means that it is unlikely to bend or stretch. When crossing bumpy roads, steel IS300 lug nuts can offer more resistance to impact cracks.

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What Are Performance Lexus IS300 Lug Nuts?

Most OEM Lexus IS300 lug nuts are made of steel, which offers proper strength. But you deserve better. BONOSS exclusively supplies new forged ISO grade 12 50BV30 lug nuts. They are SGS TÜV certificated and trusted by many OEM brands and professionals. The ISO grade 12 mark means the proof load of the wheel nuts is 105,700N. It makes sense that stronger wheel nuts are safer because they are not easy to break. Such strong IS300 wheel nuts installed ensure that your wheel is safely and securely fastened.

Besides, BONOSS dual hex wheel sockets are designed for your Lexus IS300 lug nuts and locks. This double-hex socket has dual 19mm (3/4 in.) and 21mm (13/16 in.) hex socket sizes. These dual-hex sockets provide two different hex adapters, allowing you to get into the right tight spots. So, it’s a good choice for properly torquing your new Lexus IS300 lug nuts. Additionally, these high-quality steel sockets feature a black multi-layer finish which is not easy to corrode.

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