The REFERENCE torque spec for the lug nuts on a 1969-2024 Ford Maverick will be 140 – 200 Nm (just for REFERENCE, please inquire with a tire expert). Properly torquing all the wheel nuts ensures that the lug nuts are snugged up to the correct specifications. Set the torque wrench to the manufacturer’s recommended value. Then simply turn the wrench handle until it reaches the torque mark. Then, tighten the wheel nuts a quarter turn at a time following the crisscross sequence (in a “star” pattern).

Quality Ford Maverick lug nuts are exactly safe but only if you install them properly. Although there are thousands of Ford Maverick wheel lug nuts that exist on the market, the option is narrow. Only if the thread pitches and seat types are correct can you install these Ford lug nuts safely. Generally, manufacturers will indicate the thread sizes of your stock Ford Maverick lug nuts. Simply check the specifications and find a suitable set.

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Are Brand Ford Maverick Lug Nuts Safe?

Genuine brand Ford Maverick lug nuts are exactly safe to use. Common OEM Ford Maverick lug nuts are made of steel, which offers proper strength. But you deserve better. BONOSS exclusively supplies new forged ISO grade 12 50BV30 lug nuts. The ISO grade 12 means the proof load of the wheel nuts is 105,700N. It makes sense that stronger wheel nuts are safer because they are not easy to break. Getting the correct Ford Maverick lug nuts installed ensures that your wheel is safely and securely fastened.

For BONOSS factories, it’s the quality and safety that counts. These lug nuts are made of advanced machinery and undergo a series of safety tests before leaving the factory. Besides, BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel lug nuts are SGS TÜV Test Reports Certificated, and trusted by many OEM brands and professionals. These SGS TÜV-certified Ford Maverick lug nuts are completely legal to use. If you need any brand-new Ford off-roading wheel lug nuts for your new alloy wheels, you can buy them online at the BONOSS website.

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