The REFERENCE torque spec for the lug nuts on a 1991-2024 GMC Yukon XL will be 140 – 190 Nm (just for REFERENCE, please inquire with a tire expert). As long as you properly torque them, genuine brand wheel nuts won’t come loose easily. With the development of modern manufacturing technology, brand GMC lug nuts are well-treated in corrosion resistance. This means they won’t easily get stuck on your wheel studs. Use a good torque wrench and tighten GMC Yukon lug nuts to the correct specs, you are worry-free of wheel nut failure.

As long as the seat type and length fit, you can use stock GMC Yukon lug nuts on aftermarket wheels. But once there are differences, new wheel nuts are required. Aftermarket GMC lug nuts come in various seat types, colors, and materials. The most common aftermarket wheels you would find in the auto shops are by far conical lug seats. They are in most cases very easy to work with and center. However, there can be exceptions. Always check the lug seat types before buying new GMC Yukon lug nuts.

What is the Torque Spec for the Lug Nuts on A GMC Yukon BONOSS Forged 50BV30 Steel Wheel Lug Nuts Good or Bad CHZ

Do Aftermarket GMC Yukon Lug Nuts Rust?

Unlike most wheel nuts people find in the market, BONOSS lug nuts are exceptionally strong, making them very durable. Particularly, BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel wheel lug nuts give neutral salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours, which makes it ideal for fasteners in the automobile industry. The advanced multi-layer coating improves the scratch resistance ability. This means these BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel GMC lug nuts are good to resist various types of damage such as scratches, gouges, wear, and other flaws. In other words, they don’t get ugly over time.

Due to the super forging process, BONOSS forged 50BV30 GMC Yukon lug nuts have better corrosion resistance. They are ISO Grade 12 approved. The minimum proof load is 105,700N which far exceeds the standard ISO grade 6’s. When torqued correctly, BONOSS forged 50BV30 wheel lug nuts can maintain high clamping force even under extreme operating conditions. The increased performance ensures safety on the road even when you accidentally come across an obstacle.

BONOSS Forged ISO Grade 12 50BV30 Steel Wheel Lug Nuts Best Aftermarket Stud Wheel Nuts (2)