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Most off-road car owners worry about whether wheel spacers installed in their cars are safe and whether they will be in the field during strenuous driving accidents, wheel spacers break, or bolt fracture situations. There is no shortage of typical examples of wheel spacers failing in the forum, excluding the case of improper installation; the rest is the problem of wheel spacers quality and the wrong thickness. wheel spacers are not normal to break after a long time off road impact because wheel spacers should be tested by SGS and TUV before they are delivered to customers. It should be tested by SGS and TUV to check wheel spacers’ hardness, tensile deformation, and material fatigue degree.

Will Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 wheel spacers break? The answer is that the choice of substandard wheel spacers, combined with the wrong installation method, may indeed cause wheel spacers to break. The material selection of wheel spacers and the quality of wheel bolts, wheel nuts, and other auto parts can withstand the testing of various professional testing institutions and consumers to provide consumers with the most reliable products. For Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 customers, we provide corresponding installation cases.

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Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

There are many possibilities for the fracture condition of wheel spacers, the first one may be because wheel spacers are produced by the casting process; the advantage of casting is that the production is fast and simple to shape, less demanding than forging, and lower production cost. What’s more, in the process of casting production, it is possible that the structure is not dense due to the existence of air pockets inside the structure, and in the process of long-term stress, the product condition of wheel spacers cannot be observed from the outside, and fracture occurs from inside wheel spacers, which is a very serious situation. The second possibility is that the precision of hub-centric wheel spacers is not high enough, BONOSS insists on keeping the precision of wheel spacers under the tolerance of 0.02mm; keeping a certain tolerance is good for the product to be more convenient when installing and dismantling, but under the tolerance of 0.02mm, wheel spacers after installation are still. However, with 0.02mm tolerance, the wheel spacers can still be in close contact with the hub after installation; for example, the CB data of the Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 is 110.

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The third situation is the wrong thickness of wheel spacers; for offroad models, 20mm-30mm thickness can meet the needs of most owners; the greater the thickness can reach 35mm-40mm, we know that the thicker the wheel spacers also indicates that the wheel spacers will be heavier, which is not friendly to the suspension. The right thickness of wheel spacers can be used with the suspension and improve the driving experience, especially during the cornering time, which will let you feel the vehicle’s stability. When driving at high speed, vehicles with high ground clearance are more suitable for installing wheel spacers to improve the vehicle’s stability and the impact of lateral wind on the vehicle.

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What Wheel Spacers Are Good?

The Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers and the Active Cooling Wheel Spacers are both forged and have a 0.02mm tolerance, including the hub-centric design details with high precision CNC machining technology. Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers are mainly for sedans driven on city roads, featuring Lightweight, lighter product quality compared to the previous generation and a more detailed design to allow customers to gain more benefits. Active Cooling Wheel Spacers bring active cooling to the wheel spacers, which is the first product in the industry and has a patent for the technology that can drive more airflow through the grooves to help dissipate heat.

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