In the market, there are various wheel locks for a Volvo XC90. The most common locking wheel bolts you could find are spline drive bolts and heptagon bolts. Without corresponding key sockets, even a professional thief can’t remove these wheel locks easily. When changing the OEM wheels, the stock lug bolts may not fit anymore. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a new set of special Volvo wheel locks. Always buy them from a genuine brand company.

When the Volvo XC90 lug bolts come into contact with water and oxygen, they may rust over time. In most modern steel applications this problem is easily overcome by coating. Brand manufacturing companies often treat their bolts during production. Certainly, reputable manufacturers make nice Volvo XC90 wheel locks. All in all, always stick to genuine brand products, you don’t have to worry about quality issues.

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How to Choose the Best Volvo XC90 Wheel Locks?

Regardless of whether your car has stock or aftermarket wheels, a set of locking Volvo XC90 wheel bolts will protect them effectively. A BONOSS shell-type wheel lock & bolt kit includes 20pcs standard wheel bolts and 4 pcs spline drive wheel locks. The spline-drive Volvo XC90 wheel locks are designed with many narrow grooves on the head and even down the sides. All the splines aren’t the same pattern. Without corresponding key sockets, no one can remove these locking bolts.

What’s better, BONOSS forged shell-type Volvo XC90 lug bolts come with various shells which are good to match your wheel styles. Applying lug bolts of correct colors would improve the appearance greatly. By covering the exposed part of bolts, the shells effectively prevent the debris and water from accessing. In addition, a good rustproof coating is effective to protect lug bolts from corrosion-related failure. It is a good idea to use new BONOSS shell-type Volvo XC90 wheel bolts to decorate and protect your finest wheels.

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