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You need to give your Honda Accord a recheck after changing a new set of lug nuts or changing the wheels. Figure out how to correctly check the torque and pose of the Honda Accord lug nuts is crucial for your safety. And you also need to know the potential hazard of not checking the lug nuts to maintain the risk at the lowest level.

How To Recheck The Honda Accord Lug Nuts?

The thread type of the Honda Accord lug nuts is M12×1.5, which means the required torque is nearly 120-130 Nm. You will hear the sound of the torque wrench when it has tightened the Honda Accord lug nuts with the right torque.

Besides this, you need to launch the Honda Accord to a hundred meters to check the pose of the wheels. If you find something tilted or vibrated, don’t take it lightly! Re-torque the Honda Accord lug nuts diagonally with moderate torque and make sure you hear the ‘click’ from the torque wrench.

Why Should Honda Accord Lug Nuts Need To Be Checked?

No matter you get your Honda Accord lug nuts changed in the repair factory or moderate by yourself at the roadside, it had better recheck the torque and pose of the lug nuts within the driving of 100 kilometers. While you tighten the Honda Accord lug nuts, if you didn’t apply the torque wrench adjusted to a specified figure, the insufficient or over-torque issues will all occur. Besides, if you didn’t torque the lug nuts diagonally, the five lug nuts couldn’t maintain a balanced stance. The recheck tasks are also required after you change the whole set of wheels.

BONOSS Forged Wheel Lug Nuts Honda Accord lug nuts M12×1.5 by rongyan.4

What If Honda Accord lug nuts Arent Being Checked?

If the Honda Accord lug nuts were tightened by insufficient torque, your wheels would probably fall off. It’s definitely very dangerous during driving especially in the high-speed journey. If your Honda Accord lug nuts are over-torqued, they will scratch the threads of the lug stud on the axle The clamp between the lug nuts and the studs will decrease, leading to the loosening of the wheels. The most terrible result is that the wheel studs of the Honda Accord will be broken off, which will cause severe traffic accidents.

As the most important accessories that are directly related to the studs and wheels, Honda Accord lug nuts need to be tough enough to withstand the powerful clamp load among these wheel parts and be corrosion-resistant to keep the structure more stable. Besides quality and performance, the shapes and colors of the Honda Accord lug nuts are also the symbol of your personality and life attitude. If you’re looking for such a multifunctional lug nut, you could have a browse on the BONOSS forged wheel lug nuts equipped with both performance and aesthetics. And join our club to take part in the discussion!