In the automotive world, there are two types of 2022 Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers, the hub-centric ones, and the lug-centric kinds. These two terms are common and proper labels that indicate how the wheel spacer centers onto the hub assembly. If the wheel spacers are centered by means of the middle center rings fitting to the hub’s raised center flange, this is a “hub-centric” design. This means that the centering approach relies on the center hole of the wheel to the center locating the dowel flange of the hub.

On the contrary, if the 2022 Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers center onto the hub via the fastener locations only, we refer to this as a “lug-centric” method. The wheels must be centered to the axle hub as precisely as possible to avoid being unbalanced. This means that the location of the wheel studs must be accurately placed on the spacers as well as on the wheels.

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What Are the Best Hub-centric 2022 Tesla Model 3 Wheel Spacers?

Well-produced 2022 Tesla Model 3 hub-centric wheel spacers will fit your car perfectly and precisely. BONOSS wheel spacers are designed with better multi-stage hub-centric rings. The multi-layer design provides the bevels to fit the corresponding hub flange, which eliminates any possible gaps. This effectively ensures a firm wheel connection and better load transition. The wheels are well-balanced so that there will be less chance of vibrations.

Precision is actually important in manufacturing 2022 Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers. In short words, the higher the precision, the better the performance. The amount of tolerance reflects the precision. BONOSS hub-centric wheel spacers are CNC machined, precision at 0.02mm tolerance. This improves the fit and functionality of spacers. Since spacers are components that contact with other parts, you absolutely need tight-tolerance ones.

What Are Hub-centric 2022 Tesla Model 3 Wheel Spacers for Rims Tesla Wheel Spacers (1)

What Hub-centric 2022 Tesla Model 3 Wheel Spacers Will Fit?

To make sure the 2022 Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers fit your car, you should take two aspects into consideration: bolt pattern and the center bore. The “bolt pattern” refers to both the number of the spacer’s fastener holes and the diameter of the hole circle. For instance, a 5×114.3 bolt pattern refers to a wheel that features five fastener holes, laid out in a 114.3 mm diameter path. For your 2022 Tesla Model 3 bolt pattern, measure from the center of one hole to the outside edge of the hole furthest away.

Most 2022 Tesla Model 3 wheel spacers are hub-centric for a firm and stable wheel connection. The hub side is usually machined to fit the vehicle hub and the wheel side is made to suit the wheel mounting center. By changing the size of the middle hub-centric ring, they are capable to transform lug-centric wheels into hub-centric ones. For example, if you want to convert a 64.1mm center bore to 70.3mm, hub-centric wheel adapters will be the solution.