Most BMW cars use steel wheel bolts, 27mm in length, and 17mm hex conical seat type. The lug bolts are small but important parts to secure the wheels. It is necessary to keep the wheel bolts working well. Since most of them are made of steel, they may be rusted or corrode by oxidation over time. If one bolt breaks due to corrosion, it may gradually loosen. As the BMW lug bolts loosen enough, the wheels can fall off suddenly, which is one of the most frightening things that can happen to you.

So, knowing what BMW lug bolts resistant to corrosion better helps you make the right decision. Titanium BMW lug bolts feature extraordinary corrosion resistance. A thin oxide (TiO2, titania) layer spontaneously forms a cover on the surface to protect it against rust or corrosion. It seems Titanium wheel bolts will never get rusty. Besides, they are light and strong. Lighter is better. If you would like to spend a small fortune getting forged performance wheels to save a few pounds of unsprung weight, the BMW Titanium lug bolts are a good idea.

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Are Titanium BMW Lug Bolts Worth It?

BONOSS forged Titanium BMW lug bolts apply forged Ti-6Al-4V material. They have been fully TÜV ISO standard certificated: tensile strength ≥ 1,100 MPa, ultimate tensile load ≥ 138,800N, proof load ≥ 104,000N, and hardness (Vickers) ≥ 347. Each BONOSS BMW Titanium wheel bolt’s net weight is about 62g, and a set of BONOSS forged Titanium BMW lug bolts’ weight is about 1240g. They come in various styles and colors, such as Nitrogen-blue and Titanium-original. Simply put, color matching will essentially improve your design’s visual appeal.

To further improve security, BONOSS forged BMW Titanium wheel bolts are heptagon-shaped. Like other locking wheel bolts, this type of bolt requires a special heptagon socket for installation and removal. Even if the thieves have a full set of socket wrenches, they won’t have the unique seven-sided socket to fit. Each BONOSS heptagon Titanium wheel bolt is also a wheel lock. This means you get 20 wheel locks in a heptagon Titanium wheel bolts kit. This effectively decreases the stolen risk of your wheels.

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