Most Mercedes use steel wheel bolts. But the thread and seat types may be different from specific model to model. The most common thread sizes that are used by Mercedes cars are M14x1.5 and M12x1.5. In general, older models use the M12 bolts and the newer models would use the M14 thread size. It is worth noting that the latest Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLS use M15x1.25 wheel bolts.

Knowing the proper length of your Mercedes wheel bolts is important to avoid any damage to the wheels. It is easy to get confused and buy the wrong length bolts. Giving an example, the length of an M12 W203 wheel bolt is 40mm while the M14 W204 bolt is 27mm in length. When replacing the OEM wheels, you need special care of the bolt thread engagement. Below is a brief guide on Mercedes wheel fitment.

What Kind of Bolts Does Mercedes Use BONOSS Forged Wheel Bolts for Mercedes-Benz Cai (3)

What Kind of Bolts Does Mercedes Use BONOSS Forged Wheel Bolts for Mercedes-Benz Cai (2)

How Long Wheel Bolts for Mercedes Wheel Spacers?

Any time you run wheel spacers, you need extended wheel bolts properly secure the spacer and wheel in place. Thread engagement is essential. Only if each wheel bolt achieves a safe thread engagement can it provide enough clamping force. Therefore, you won’t experience any kind of vibration. Simply, for OEM wheels, it is easy to figure out the proper length – stock bolt length + spacer thickness = extended bolt length.

Some aftermarket wheels come with a thicker mounting plate (the middle pad that directly contacts the wheel bolts). In this case, you may need longer bolts. As a professional wheel spacer manufacturer, BONOSS provides a full line of Mercedes wheel bolts to fit your wheel spacers, length from 27mm to 75mm. They are made to the ISO Grade 12.9 standards: the tensile strength is over 1,220 Mpa. Such wheel bolts won’t fail easily when facing road bumps and impact loads.

What Kind of Bolts Does Mercedes Use BONOSS Forged Wheel Bolts for Mercedes-Benz Cai (1)

What Seat Types Are Mercedes Wheel Bolts?

By far, most Mercedes cars use ball seat wheel bolts. This means the OEM Mercedes bolts won’t fit aftermarket wheels that are conical lug seats. It is critical that the wheel bolt seat and the wheel lug seat match. Mismatching the seat types could potentially cause the bolt to loosen and the wheel to become insecure in the vehicle. If you get conical aftermarket wheels, you need a set of new Mercedes wheel bolts.

By asking the wheel dealers, you can quickly figure out what seat types are your new wheels. However, if you get second-hand wheels, this way may not work. At this time, there is a simple way that may help. Use one finger to touch around a wheel lug hole. The conical seat set has a beveled 60-degree angled tapered shape and the ball seat ones have a rounded or spherical shape. This way is for standard fitments. If you are not sure about what Mercedes wheel bolts are perfect, please contact us for assistance.