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Most European cars use lug bolts to hold the rims in place, especially the German-made BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi brands. Lug bolts are threaded rods that connect to the wheel inserts, lug bolts connect from the outside of the rim to the hub and serve to lock the rim and intermediate fittings. The contact surface between the lug bolts and the rim may be ball-seat, conical-seat, or flat-seat, and the size of the lug bolt may need to be changed when selecting different rims, given the different contact surfaces of the OE rim and aftermarket conversion rims. Equipped with the correct size lug bolts will ensure that the rims are always fixed to the hub. It is possible to choose a higher configuration, more varied lug bolts on the correct data, and good lug bolts provide not only a secure fixation but also an aesthetic change.

The BONOSS Grade 12.9 Lug Bolts for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE are designed and machined to match OE rims as well as various aftermarket rims according to the original factory data, with the gasket designed to achieve a rim match with different contact surfaces. Aftermarket lug bolts are available in a variety of styles to provide owners with a wide range of retrofitting options while matching lug bolts are already available for customers with wheel spacers. Purchase a new set of lug bolts for added value in terms of performance and appearance.

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How Long Lug Bolts Do I Need?

The length of the Lug Bolts is relatively fixed for vehicles without the modification of the rim and wheel spacer, in the case of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE, by looking up the wheel bolts data you can get its thread size as 15×1.25, while the contact surface of the OE lug bolt with the rim is ball-seat. So in the case of replacing only the lug bolts, you only need to go and get the corresponding lug bolts based on this data.

With wheel spacers fitted, what length of lug bolts are required to ensure safety? The easiest way to find out is to use the thickness of the wheel spacers plus the length of the OE lug bolt to get the length of the lug bolts required, e.g. with 12mm wheel spacers on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE, you would need a lug bolt of 45mm + 12mm = 57mm. Too long or too short lug bolts may not hold the rim in place.

Alternatively, use wheel spacers with lug bolts. These wheel spacers do not require lug bolts to be changed, the wheel spacers are attached to the hub by lug bolts that come with the wheel spacers and the rim is attached by OE lug bolts, so please don’t worry about lug bolts.

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Why Choose Aftermarket Lug Bolts?

BONOSS Grade 12.9 lug bolts, for example, use continuous forging technology to raise the mechanical and physical properties of lug bolts to a higher level, while eliminating the voids that can be caused by casting technology, resulting in a more complete and evenly stressed structure. The heat treatment technique enhances the strength of the lug bolts with greater resistance to wear and damage, and the surface is treated with an anti-rust coating for greater aesthetic appeal in achieving rust protection.

Over time, the original lug bolts may become rusty or unevenly stressed resulting in the need to replace the lug bolts. In addition, when purchasing a new rim, it may be necessary to replace the stock lug nuts to match the new rim contact surface. Aftermarket lug bolts are available in three standard types: conical, ball, and flat. Lug bolts are manufactured to match specific mounting holes and fit different seat-type rims. If your aftermarket wheels are not compatible with the original lug nuts, BONOSS can help you achieve compatibility.

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As a brand specializing in the design and manufacture of aftermarket lug bolts, BONOSS has always set safety as the standard for its products, and on top of this standard, it is more than capable of meeting the individual requirements of its customers.