Although most aftermarket wheels are designed to use stock 1980-2024 Toyota Landcruiser lug nuts, some rims require a new set to ensure a proper fit. What size Landcruiser wheel nuts do I need? Firstly, figure out the thread size. In most cases, the thread size of Land Cruiser 60/ 70/ 80/ 100/ 200/ 300 Series lug nuts is M14x1.5mm and M12x1.5mm. The newer LC300 uses M14x1.5 lug nuts. It is the easiest part. You can get information from the vehicle’s manual. Secondly, find out what seat type fits your wheel insert.

If you keep current wheels, then the seat type must be the same as the OEM ones. If you get aftermarket wheels installed, then the seat type is determined by the lug seat of this set of wheels. After figuring out the thread size and seat type of your Toyota Land Cruiser wheel nuts, you get to the material selection. This is one of the important things to ensure safety. Mostly there are a lot of aftermarket wheel nuts made of various materials. By far, alloy steel Landcruiser lug nuts are one of the strongest wheel nuts in the automobile world.

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Can I Trust Aftermarket Landcruiser Lug Nuts?

To properly secure the wheels and tires, BONOSS provides ISO grade 12 high-strength Landcruiser lug nuts. These BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel lug nuts are strong enough to undertake more road impacts (proof load over 105,700 N). Most stock Landcruiser lug nuts are grade 8. Higher-grade wheel nuts are able to bear more force and not easy to break. Particularly, BONOSS forged 50BV30 steel Land Cruiser lug nuts give neutral salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours. The advanced special surface treatment improves the scratch resistance ability.

What’s better, these BONOSS forged 50BV30 Landcruiser lug nuts kit includes 4 heptagon wheel locks and corresponding 7-side shape key. When the key with hex socket inserts sets the nut inside, the heptagon key fits around the irregular shapes of the nut. This allows you to install/remove the locking Landcruiser lug nuts. The requirement of a unique tool reduces the risk of stripping the lug nut and preventing the wheel from theft. They add extra security to your nice wheels.

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