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The size of Nissan 370z wheel spacers will directly affect the appearance of the vehicle, if the 370z needs to be changed to a different size wheel, it can also be installed through 370z wheel spacers, choosing the right thickness of 370z wheel spacers will help customers to get a JDM style Nissan 370z. Installation of 370z wheel spacers can be matched with aftermarket 370z lug nuts, BONOSS provides bolt-on wheel spacers, customers can choose aluminum or titanium style lug nuts to match, and will get more discounts.

Recommendation and 370z Wheel Spacers Size

Nissan 370z wheel spacers data:

PCD 5×114.3, CB 66.1, thread Size 12×1.25, conical seat

Recommended thickness:

20mm Nissan 370z wheel spacers
25mm Nissan 370z wheel spacers

The reason why BONOSS recommends 20mm and 25mm 370z wheel spacers are the original offset value. The stock offset value of 370z is 15-35mm, wheel spacers will adjust the offset value to more of a negative offset. Assuming a 370z with a 20 offset wheel with 20mm Nissan 370z wheel spacers, this will adjust the offset value to 0. The most intuitive change in offset is in the position of the wheel, where a 0 offset does not mean the wheel is flush with the fenders.

A zero offset means that the inner mounting surface of the wheel coincides with the centerline of the wheel. Most people choose 20mm or 25mm 370z wheel spacers because cosmetically the wheels will overlap with the fenders and the customer needs 370z wheel spacers to get a fuller 370z body line.

What Size 370z Wheel Spacers You Looking for 1-xu

What Size 370z Wheel Spacers You Looking for-xu

Many customers who have modified aftermarket wheels and performance brakes have found that even 25mm 370z wheel spacers still do not solve the problem of brake-to-wheel friction due to the selection of aftermarket wheels with excessive offset values, they may have a positive offset value of 30-40, even though 25mm 370z wheel spacers can still only be adjusted for positive offsets of 5-15, which is still not enough for high-performance brakes.

The solution can be to choose 30mm 370z wheel spacers or to replace the aftermarket wheels or a set of zero or negative offset wheels. Before upgrading the brakes and aftermarket wheels, we need to calculate the exact offset and space required for both.

Do I Need Four Wheel Spacers?

The reason for the lack of space due to brake upgrades is that most brake kit upgrades have a lack of space at the front wheels, and placing wheel spacers at the location of the lack of space will solve the problem, but of course, the front wheels are responsible for steering and will have a slight change in scrub radius.

You can choose to install two 370z wheel spacers on the rear wheels, the rear wheels are not responsible for steering so there is no scrub radius effect, and installing 370z wheel spacers on the rear wheels will fill in the sunken wheel appearance, the front, and rear wheels will get a more coordinated appearance.

Bolt-on 370z Wheel Spacers or Slip-on 370z Wheel Spacers?

Nissan 370z wheel spacers are only allowed to use bolt-on wheel spacers, there is a rumor that they “use slip-on wheel spacers with open-ended lug nuts to fix them”. This is a false statement, most wheel studs do not have a long enough distance to mount 370z wheel spacers, and insufficient lug nut engagement will directly lead to lug nuts and wheels falling off, you need to use bolt-on wheel spacers, the additional wheel studs will ensure the correct number of safety turns and torque, considering the depth of the aftermarket wheel pocket, BONOSS recommends customers to use 20mm-30mm 370z wheel spacers.

What Size 370z Wheel Spacers You Looking for 2-xu
What Size 370z Wheel Spacers You Looking for 2-xu