Boosting the aesthetic appeal of your car with good wheel spacers helps in standing apart from the crowd and also brings in a lot of advantages in terms of ride quality. But among all these, the most important part is to get real quality spacers. There are several factors that can help you figure out what wheel spacers are good. We assist you by giving you an insight into the spacer types, their perks, and the best ones to buy.

Aftermarket wheel spacers are generally opted for clearing the wheel clearance issues. People think that spacers make your car slower because they add more weight. However, with the development of modern manufacturing technology, BONOSS wheel spacers are made as light as possible while maintaining high strength. The added weight can be negligible. Adding such wheel spacers won’t negatively affect the high-speed performance.

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Types of Aftermarket Wheel Spacers

There are two major types of aftermarket car wheel spacers and are based on the manufacturing processes involved. Casting wheel spacers are the cheapest aftermarket car spacers available right now. But hardcore fanatics will know that casting spacers actually are not worth it. In the process, there is a scope of air bubbles being formed that can affect the rigidity of the spacers. Tire experts will keep these casting spacers away.

On the other hand, forged wheel spacers are the safest and strongest of this bunch. As the name suggests, these spacers are forged out of aluminum billets. Due to continuous tons of pressure, the resulting wheel spacers have a high degree of uniformity in the grain structure which allows the spacers to have a very high weight-to-strength ratio. That is why BONOSS forged wheel spacers are much stronger with much less weight.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Wheel Spacers

Choosing from forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum wheel spacers is dependent on your budget and type of usage. If you are a budget-friendly person who is picking a set of racing use, then going for 7075-T6 spacers makes sense. If it’s for daily driving, then 6061-T6 wheel spacers would suffice. The thicker spacers you add, the more the wheels will protrude from the fenders. So, make sure you get the right sizes of wheel spacers.

Purchasing from a reputable manufacturer is important for wheel spacers. Assuming wheel spacer manufacturing is an art, the more experienced the artists, the more polished products you get. BONOSS brand wheel spacers strive to maintain top quality and the best user experience. Designed with longevity and consumer safety in mind, BONOSS promises an uncompromised fit, finish, and level of quality. 

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