Installing wheel spacers is one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade the handling and performance. Like buying anything else, this can be a complex process, whether you’re going to your local tire shop or are just browsing online. There are numerous options and brands to choose from. A set of low-quality wheel spacers will be a risk in your driving. So, it’s important to purchase a nice set of wheel spacers from reputable brand manufacturers.

The high quality of the lightweight forged wheel spacers won’t make you disappoint. Many factors determine the quality of wheel spacers such as the process used in forming the wheel spacers, the material from which the spacers are made, and the testing that the spacers were put through. If you’re looking for trusty wheel spacers manufacturers, these factors are useful to help you narrow down the range.

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Why Forged Wheel Spacers Are Better?

As manufacturing technology improves, modern wheel spacers are getting stronger, more durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Some offer premium quality in the forging process. Forged wheel spacers are generally stronger, tougher, and more reliable than casting alternatives. This is because forging offers uniformity of composition and structure. It strengthens the resulting wheel spacers greatly while excluding the occurrence of porosity, shrinkage, cavities, and cold pour issues. Therefore, forged wheel spacers will handle impact and shear strength better than castings.

Speaking of forged wheel spacers, tensile strength is an important aspect. The tensile strength refers to the maximum amount of tensile stress that it can be subjected to before failure. Compared to some cheap casting wheel spacers, BONOSS forged wheel spacers are safer and stronger: tensile strength ≥ 310Mpa (al 6061-T6), tensile strength ≥ 572Mpa (al 7075-T6), and the Tensile Strength of the cheap alternatives is approximately 125Mpa below. Arguably say, higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking. That is why forged wheel spacers are safer and better than casting ones.

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Why Hub-centric Wheel Spacers Are Better?

When shopping for wheel spacers, hub-centric sets are the priority. A hub-centric spacer comes with a middle center ring which is specially machined to fit your vehicle hub. Most modern car wheel hubs are multi-layer designs, meaning a single-layer hub-centric ring may not fit perfectly. In this case, BONOSS wheel spacers are designed with better multi-stage hub-centric rings. The multi-layer design provides the bevels to fit the corresponding hub flange. This effectively ensures a firm wheel connection and better load transition.

As a reliable precise hub-centric wheel spacers manufacturer, BONOSS is always maintaining the highest quality and best fitment. From exact sizes to tolerance, we are strict with ISO standards. For connecting parts, the higher the precision, the better the performance. The amount of tolerance reflects the precision. BONOSS hub-centric wheel spacers are CNC machined, precision at 0.02mm tolerance. This eliminates any potential gap, ensuring a perfect installation.

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