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BONOSS offers a full range of lightweight plus wheel spacers and active cooling wheel spacers for the 2022 Mercedes-Benz C43. Every month BONOSS continues to update the wheel spacers data according to the hot models in the market. Now BONOSS wheel spacers data has complete and accurate model data, these data are passed to the factory for wheel spacers production processing, take Mercedes-Benz C43 wheel spacers as an example, the standard data collected by BONOSS is PCD: 5×112, CB: 66.5. The factory will process the wheel spacers according to these data, and the model code will be presented by laser at the hub centric of the wheel spacers to ensure that the model and material of each wheel spacers are accurate.

6061-T6 Wheel Spacers Are Safe As 7075-T6 Wheel Spacers.

All BONOSS wheel spacers are made of 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, which is more balanced than steel wheel spacers on the market in terms of weight, tensile strength, and yield strength. The 6061-T6 aluminum alloy material has 300-310 MPa in tensile strength and 241 MPa in yield strength, which meets the safety standard of wheel spacers, while as a higher performance variant of 6061-T6, the performance of 7075-T6 is up to 510-272 MPa in tensile strength and 434-503 MPa in yield strength. The 7075-T6 has a tensile strength of 510-272 MPa and a yield strength of 434-503 MPa.

Mercedes-Benz C series customers mostly choose 6061-T6 wheel spacers, but a few customers are attracted by the performance of 7075-T6, we have more detailed wheel spacers features on the product page.

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What Wheel Spacers Are Good for 2022 Mercedes-Benz C43-xu (2)

Forging Technology Makes Wheel Spacers More Reliable.

Forging technology is repeated forging and high temperature and high-pressure processing, compared to the liquid aluminum alloy into the mold, forging is more reliable than casting, casting wheel spacers in the process of use may lead to fracture or deformation, as the connection between the wheel and hub assembly parts, no one would like to drive at high-speed wheel spacer suddenly break or hear a strange metal crashing sound.

The advantage of forging is that the processing of the raw material eliminates the air pockets that may exist in the metal forming process, the existence of air pockets is the cause of wheel spacers fracture from the inside, at the same time wheel spacers in the use of the process can not guarantee that the feedback from the road is always uniform, the stress is not uniform, the air pockets inside the cracks is a very dangerous thing. In general, it is always safe to use forged wheel spacers.

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Anti-rust Makes Wheel Spacers More Durable.

On the market, you can see a lot of wheel spacers with the original color of aluminum alloy, these wheel spacers are very attractive, but unfortunately, most of these wheel spacers do not do the anti-rust treatment. When you remove the wheels, it is easy to see a certain degree of stains and rust between the hub assembly and the wheel, even if the vehicle itself has done anti-rust coating will still rust, these rust stains arise from the splash of rain sludge during the long driving of the vehicle. From these rust stains, we know that a wheel spacer is necessary to do anti-rust treatment, rust stains may lead to wheel spacers and hub assembly, and the wheel contact surface gap is getting bigger and bigger, resulting in vehicle shaking at high speed.

BONOSS wheel spacers are hard-anodized, the surface is matte black, other brands also have the corresponding anti-rust treatment, but hard anodizing is the most durable. If you need good wheel spacers, please choose the wheel spacers with anti-rust treatment.

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