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BONOSSS provides Toyota Alphard wheel spacers. With more and more customers realizing that MPVs are more suitable for family travel, the desire to consume such models is also growing. There are many brands that produce and sell MPVs, including Toyota, a legendary Japanese car company, and the Alphard and Vellfire produced by Toyota are favored by many customers. Many customers also have questions about these two models, because some customers have responded that the vehicle is unstable at high speeds, especially when passing through open crosswinds, a larger area of the body is affected. For this reason, many customers choose to install wheel spacers to solve this problem, and BONOSS also provides wheel spacers and a series of products for customers to choose from.

Why Wheel Spacers Are Good for Toyota Alphard?

Seven-seat MPVs get a rise in sales with their generous interior space and ride comfort. The lower chassis, but with a higher body, undoubtedly provides comfortable head and foot space for the passengers, while the lower chassis makes it easier for the passengers to get in and out of the car, and the bottom suspension system is based on comfort.

However, the disadvantages of MPV models are also obvious, the lower chassis is to provide better comfort, but the chassis is difficult to make up for the disadvantages of the larger body size, and wind resistance is not only reflected in the front of the vehicle driving, but the same can also be found when passing through the larger crosswind area, bringing a slight shaking when driving. In addition, the higher center of gravity of the body, in the vehicle through the corner when the side tilt is larger, poor handling, this situation in more members may require the vehicle to lower speed through the corner.

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What Did Wheel Spacers bring to the MPV Model?

Wheel spacers are used to increase the backspacing without replacing the negative offset rim, pushing the wheel outward and widening the track of the front and rear wheels respectively. Wheel spacers can help to solve the problem of greater roll when going through corners because the larger turning radius allows the vehicle to drive with a more pronounced lateral grip and less roll. Meanwhile, the wider track also helps the vehicle to better cope with wind resistance in the crosswind area, reducing the shaking that can occur at high speeds.

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Installing wheel spacers is more economical than replacing a set of negative offset rims. The principle of negative offset rims is to reduce the backspacing to achieve a more outward-facing wheel, adding wheel spacers has a similar effect as replacing a wheel with a smaller backspacing. For example, if your aftermarket rims have 6 inches of backspacing and you add 2 inches of wheel spacers, then your backspacing figure is actually 4 inches. the lower the backspacing, the farther the wheels are from the vehicle.