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BONOSS supports the installation of 2022 Tesla Model Y wheel spacers and ensures that the wheel spacers produced by BONOSS can be used properly and safely on 2022 Tesla Model Y. Customers who need to purchase Tesla Model Y wheel spacers can get more recommendations and help from this article. The Tesla Model Y is the EV SUV in the Tesla lineup, and the installation of wheel spacers will bring many benefits, including a fuller appearance and better The Tesla Model Y, as an EV SUV in the Tesla lineup, will have many benefits, including a fuller appearance and better wheels position, a more stable ride and more options for modification.

Active Cooling Series Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are safe to install and use for Tesla Model Y. You don’t have to worry about any adverse effects on Tesla Model Y after wheel spacers are installed, wheel spacers are aftermarket parts installed between the wheel and hub assembly. The wheel spacers do not bear the weight of the body alone, the hub-centric design of the wheel spaces keeps the wheel spacers and the wheels in concentric position with the hub assembly.

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BONOSS recommends Tesla Model Y customers use Active Cooling wheel spacers, which provide accurate PCD and CB data for Tesla Model Y. Customers can choose 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy wheel spaces, Active Cooling wheel spacers are characterized by symmetrical grooves on the back of the wheel body, these grooves allow the wheel spacers to withstand higher temperatures and strength. Wheel spacers are used in a rotating state, the high-speed rotation of the air collection tank will bring air into the groove, the flow of air in the groove is conducive to lowering the temperature, and the use of this principle will effectively help parts to cool down and maintain better mechanical properties.

The characteristics of these wheel spacers are not only this, in the selection of wheel studs, the highest grade 12.9 wheel studs are used, better performance provides more security, the corresponding lug nuts are the highest grade 10 lug nuts, the same excellent performance can ensure that the lug nuts in the application of maximum clamping force to maintain the appropriate mechanical performance. Wheel studs and lug nuts are treated with Dacromet rust prevention, which effectively prevents acid rain and other corrosive liquids from damaging wheel spacers and greatly extends the service life of wheel spacers. The wheel spacers themselves are protected from rust by a hard anodized finish, also designed to protect the wheel spacers.

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The wheel holes of wheel spacers adopt a full-cone seat, the design of a full-cone seat is closely related to the contact surface design of lug nuts, and the friction and clamping force between the two parts can ensure that the wheel spacers fixed on hub assembly will not fall off, and the maximum clamping force comes from the contact surface between the two parts, the larger the contact area, the tighter. The market will only be divided into ball seats or conical seats, but very few brands will be designed to best meet the mechanics of the contact surface, whether it is a 60-degree arc or 45-degree slope is more ideal. BONOSS has a special contact surface design and research for lug nuts.

Hub-centric is designed with amazing accuracy of 0.02mm, hub centric wheel spacers are not the latest products for a long time, but the accuracy of hub centric can still be more delicate, wheel spaces manufacturers produce products based on years of database, BONOSS still insists on measuring and designing new models to provide customers with the most accurate products. BONOSS also recommends the use of 20mm-30mm Active Cooling wheel spacers for Tesla Model Y users.

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