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Most off-road models add a certain thickness of wheel spacers to enhance the vehicle’s ability to pass on rough roads. The increased track length will help the vehicle gain better anti-roll ability and allow the vehicle to adjust the height of the ground clearance. Wheel spacers can help provide more backspacing space, allowing the brake kit to maintain a corresponding margin between the wheel and the hub. In addition, wheel spacers can also provide torque for specific rims, which are mounted on vehicles with different PCD and CB data via wheel spacers (wheel adapters).

The safety of wheel spacers has always been a controversial topic. Wheel spacers fail, wheel spacers break, and so on, and safety issues are often asked; the key point of controversy is also “Can wheel spacers damage wheel bearings?” The weight and thickness of the wheel spacers will impact the vehicle in the long-term driving process; although the web often says that the quality of wheel spacers you do not need to worry about, but often this is one of the details ignored. Wheel spacers safety and wheel spacers production materials production process is closely related. For off-road vehicles such as the Land Cruiser LC200, high-precision hub-centric wheel spacers are necessary.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

The safety of wheel spacers can be discussed in terms of both the product itself and the impact of installation on the vehicle. Wheel spacers require a hub-centric design to ensure that the rim and hub remain concentric in position. The forging process ensures that there are no hollow bubbles in the internal structure of wheel spacers and that they have a tighter structure. The material with the highest and ideal performance is aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and 7075-T6. The criteria for judging not only the material hardness, structural strength, tensile elasticity, etc., but the material with high hardness is also often accompanied by the risk of easy tensile fracture because the location of wheel spacers installation and years of use may lead to fatigue fracture of metal materials, Given the location of wheel spacers and years of use may lead to fatigue fracture of metal materials, the selected materials need to be considered, and finally, the above two materials are the ideal high-performance materials.

The last is the use of wheel bolts or wheel nuts, Europe to BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz as an example of the bolt fixed structure, and the United States and Japan to Toyota, Tesla as an example of the nut fixed structure is different, the parts of the grade classification are also different, the highest level of bolts is 12.9, but also BONOSS’s highest grade for bolts is 12.9, which is the most common among the products sold by BONOSS, and the highest grade for nuts is 10, which is also the most popular grade of BONOSS products.

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Regarding vehicle construction, strictly speaking, installing wheel spacers increases backspacing rather than the track. For most owners who want to replace their negative offset rims, the difference between the two is small, and the impact is similar, but the amount spent makes a big difference, and the cost of a set of compliant and negative offset alloy rims is far more expensive than a set of superior wheel spacers. In addition, for both wheel spacers and negative offset rims, there will be some degree of impact on the vehicle’s bearings, regardless of any modifications you make to the chassis. How adjust the weight and thickness of the wheel spacers so that they operate properly within the bearing tolerance is something we can do.

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And in fact, not only for off-road vehicles with modified suspension, the right thickness of wheel spacers does not lead to safety accidents, the practice of flush rim with the fender is desirable, but excessive increase in the track does affect bearing life, so the selection of the thickness of wheel spacers is especially important, in the state of the flush fender, wheel spacers are suitable for off-road vehicles with adjusted suspensions and other cars without adjusted suspensions. The use of the negative offset aftermarket rim mentioned above will also cause a change in geometric center, and this is too expensive for the occasional off-road customer.

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Can Wheel Spacers Damage Wheel Bearings?

Wheel spacers will not damage wheel bearings but will affect the geometry of wheel bearings. The installation of wheel spacers or modification of vehicle springs will have an impact. The size of the thickness is related to the model of the vehicle and the road conditions driven. For SUVs, 20mm-30mm wheel spacers are acceptable, but for cars, 10mm-20mm wheel spacers may be able to meet the needs of the owner. In many cases, wheel spacers need to be inspected and maintained, including checking the tightness of wheel spacers, wheel spacers are not damaged by foreign objects’ impact.