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Should you use wheel stud conversion or wheel bolts? Nowadays, there are two main ways to install wheels, the first one is to use stock wheel bolts to install wheels for most European manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz G-class, and the second one is to use wheel studs to install wheels for American manufacturers such as Tesla and Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota. And we will also mention a conversion of aftermarket parts, and wheel stud conversion. It works by converting wheel bolts from European manufacturers to American wheel studs and lug nuts. Are you worth installing this device in Mercedes-Benz and other European car dealers?

What Are the Benefits of Wheel Bolts?

Wheel bolts are used as one-piece components, and their simple construction reduces production costs, as automakers only need to machine the threads and bolts, and most of them are formed in one piece, making them easier and cheaper to produce than wheel stud conversion. In addition, wheel bolts are lighter in weight than a system of lug nuts and wheel studs because fewer parts are used to hold them in place, and theoretically, the reduced rotating mass contributes to faster acceleration and shorter braking distances. But obviously, in the actual driving of these weights and will not notice.

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What Are the Benefits of Wheel Stud Conversion?

The simple mounting principle of the wheel stud conversion provides the most efficient way to align the wheels. Aligning the wheels to the wheel stud is much easier than searching for a wheel hanger, you no longer need to search for wheel holes but install the parts like putting together Lego. The second advantage is that wheel stud conversion can be installed with wheel spacers under 20mm (BONOSS wheel stud conversion). The 75mm wheel stud conversion replaces the extended wheel bolts, making it easy to match different thicknesses of wheel spacers flexibly, you don’t need to look for complicated wheel bolt threads and contact surfaces, the wheel stud conversion provides you with the correct thread engagement.

The third benefit is to reduce the possibility of parts damage, the more times you install and remove the wheels (adjusting the offset or replacing aftermarket wheels) the greater the possibility of damaging the parts, if you are fixed by wheel stud, you may face the risk of wearing out the bolts and nuts during the removal of the stock wheel studs, for fixed wheel studs, cross-threading is fatal, and replacing a wheel stud often makes you annoyed. Using a wheel stud conversion semi-fixed product can avoid this situation while taking BONOSS titanium wheel stud conversion as an example, the titanium material has higher strength and hardness and will not cross-thread. Even if the threads are damaged, it is easy to replace them.

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The fourth benefit is that the studs have more consistent torque when using lug nuts. The interface between the threads on the lug nut and the stud is always the same amount of thread. This allows for consistent torque values for all studs. Conversely, when using wheel bolts, more torque is required to complete the friction between wheel bolts and wheels, and more threads need to be engaged with the wheels. Overstretching of the wheel bolts can lead to mechanical material fatigue and shear, and calculating the correct torque and number of safe turns is necessary.

Excellent Titanium Material Performance

BONOSS titanium wheel stud conversion solves the weight problem, as titanium is far lighter than the equivalent volume of alloy steel. BONOSS Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion applies forged Titanium alloy material. The Titanium alloys are light in weight (each Titanium stud only weighs 62g) as well as very strong. They feature great fatigue strength and tensile strength, hard and high-temperature resistance. Even at extreme temperatures up to 400 to 500°C, they maintain great performance.

BONOSS Titanium wheel studs are fully TÜV ISO standard test reports certificated, and truly guarantee safety: Tensile Strength≥1,080Mpa, Ultimate Tensile Load≥138,800N, Proof Load≥104,000N, Hardness(Vickers)≥347. A thin oxide (TiO2, titania) layer spontaneously forms cover on the surface, which gives them extraordinary corrosion resistance ability. Each stud conversion is processed Hard-Anodized/Polished surface treatment, smooth 100%. Meanwhile, we retain the shiny primary color of titanium alloy, shining in the sun which makes your vehicle more outstanding and attractive.

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Reduce Unsprung Weight

In addition to getting a more aggressive appearance, while reducing the unsprung weight for the owner pursuing better driving performance, providing better driving performance for the vehicle. Each titanium stud conversion (nut plus stud conversion) net weight of 62g, a kit of stud conversion weight is about 1240g, compared with the commonly extended bolt on the market, in the same length, thread, and seat type, the market extended bolts weight is about 2350g, titanium exposed wheel stud conversion can reduce the unsprung weight of about 1080g, lighter spring weight can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle loss, and effectively improve the driving performance of the vehicle, which is why most racing cars choose titanium alloy parts.

Are Wheel Stud Conversion Safe 2022 Mercedes-Benz G-class-xu (1)

Are Wheel Stud Conversion Safe 2022 Mercedes-Benz G-class-xu (2)

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Compared to stock wheel bolts, wheel stud conversion has better performance, lighter weight, and more durable rust resistance due to the material properties of titanium, BONOSS wheel stud conversion design also allows customers to have more choices, including the original color of titanium, coffee-golden, and nitrogen-blue. More and more customers will match the color of the wheels, for example, Mercedes-Benz G-class customers choose the nitrogen-blue wheel stud conversion. The additional features that can be used with wheel spacers also make this product worthwhile, if I must say that the wheel stud conversion is worse than the stock wheel bolts, it is more expensive.