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2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers can be used for brake upgrades, wheel data conversions, cosmetic upgrades, and more. BONOSS offers high-quality hub-centric wheel spacers to Honda Accord customers worldwide. Click on the picture at the end of the article to learn more.

When to Use 2023 Honda Accord Wheel Spacers?

You can install 2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers when you want a more aggressive stance. Suppose you are not satisfied with the stock offset of the Honda Accord and want to move the wheels outward to a position flush with the fenders. In that case, wheel spacers are an economic modification installed between the wheels and the rotor to increase the wheel clearance. The wheel will be pushed into a specific position by installing wheel spacers of a specific thickness. For the lines of a sedan, moving the wheel 15mm-25mm will fill the depression, and by installing wheel spacers, you will get an aggressive and fuller stance on the vehicle.

The 2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers have a more significant effect when you install a street racer with a wide body kit or aftermarket wheels. A wide body kit will cause the wheels to show a significant dip. Choose a new set of negative offset wheels. They will be significantly more expensive than two forged, high-quality wheel spacers, which is why they are considered a more cost-effective tuning accessory. If you install aftermarket wheels with a large offset, the 2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers will correct the offset, and the reduced offset will give you a better-looking body line.

When installing other lug patterns of aftermarket wheels, you can use 2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers to convert them, so they can be called wheel adapters. The 2023 Honda Accord uses a 5×114.3 lug pattern. In popular aftermarket wheels data, you can choose from 5×114.3, 5×112, 5×120, and other lug patterns to get more wheel styles. If you want to install 5×112 aftermarket wheels on a 5×114.3 Honda Accord, this will be achieved by customizing two sets of lug patterns on the 2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers. The Bolt-on wheel spacers will be fastened to the rotor and aftermarket wheels by two sets of lug nuts, which are safe.

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How Big 2023 Honda Accord Wheel Spacers Do You Need?

BONOSS recommends using 20mm and 25mm 2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers. If you use a stock offset of 45, installing 20mm or 25mm, wheel spacers will adjust the offset to 25 or 20. The selection of the thickness of the wheel spacers needs to take into account not only the position of the wheel but also the depth of the wheel pocket.

Most customers choose 25mm wheel spacers because bolt-on wheel spacers need to use wheel studs and lug nuts to hold the wheel, and the wheel pocket will cover the stock studs. 20mm or fewer wheel spacers often do not have enough pocket depth to accommodate the stock wheel studs, resulting in the need to trim the wheel studs. Thicker 2023 Honda Accord wheel spacers will cover the extra wheel studs.

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