If your Mazda 3 comes with the wheel locks, then you can find them on the wheels. The wheels may be the most difficult item to secure on your car, but you can deter theft with wheel locks. Aftermarket wheel nuts are made to match specific mounting holes and fit different seat types of rims. This is especially important if aftermarket wheels are not compatible with factory wheel nuts. Always buy wheel locks from a genuine brand company.

That is because brand lug nut manufacturers are held to high-quality standards. To meet and exceed these standards, they invest a large amount of time in research design and safety testing. In the long run, this means better performance and safety. The top-quality material and more safety tests are the reasons why brand Mazda wheel locks tend to be safer than cheap copycats. Therefore, genuine brand Mazda lug nuts are always the best option.

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What Are the Best Mazda 3 Wheel Locks?

BONOSS provides forged Titanium Mazda 3 lug nuts for your performance upgrade project. Titanium lug nuts are much lighter than other wheel nuts. For example, each BONOSS Titanium lug nut weighs about 34g, and a set of BONOSS Titanium Mazda 3 lug nuts weigh about 680g. The super forging process maximizes the strength, making them highly resistant to wear and damage. Therefore, these BONOSS forged Mazda3 wheel locks can withstand most hard-driving styles in racing events.

Besides, a BONOSS forged Titanium wheel lock & nut kit includes 20 pcs Heptagon wheel nuts. Like other wheel locks, this type of nut requires a special heptagon socket for installation and removal. Each BONOSS forged Heptagon Titanium wheel nut is also a wheel lock. This means you get 20 wheel locks in a BONOSS forged Heptagon Titanium lug nuts kit. The requirement of a unique tool reduces the risk of stripping the wheel nut and prevents the wheel from theft. They add security to your wheels.

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