Wheel spacers suppliers provide quality products or services to customers. There are numerous wheel spacers made by various automobile manufacturers. This can make the search for the correct spacer in connection with the OEM or aftermarket wheels a challenge. However, a wheel spacer supplier can quickly help you sort out the most suitable one. In most cases, the perfect spacer thickness must always be determined individually. And a reputable supplier can be an assistance.

For example, the automotive brand can already offer the newest wheel spacers in various thicknesses to fit the original wheel/tire combinations. And wheel spacers suppliers know immediately which spacer fits perfectly on which series rim and tires. This makes sure that customers do not have to work on the wheel arches when fitting the wheel spacers. With a “perfect fit”, all components are set properly with the standard rims, meaning no shaking or rubbing issues.

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Do Brand Logos for Wheel Spacers Suppliers Matter?

Wheel spacers suppliers are a hugely important role at every stage of the products. Although most suppliers provide brand new spacers, there are some copycats that exist on the market. Perhaps the easiest way to spot a counterfeit factory wheel spacer is by looking at the logo design. There is no doubt that fake items also copy the brand logos. However, due to cost savings, those fake logos must not be so delicate.

The logo of genuine wheel spacers suppliers should look perfect. There should be no details missing from the company name or logo icon. Fake wheel spacers may not even have a logo and will instead try to trick consumers based on the color and shape of the product. Many high-end brands will have a metal logo, while some will often stamp their logo onto the product while the fake logos are made roughly or vaguely.

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Will Brand Wheel Spacers Suppliers Provide SGS TÜV Certifications?

All BONOSS wheel spacer complete packages are supplied with SGS and TÜV authoritative certification reports. It is the best way to meet customer and regulatory requirements. BONOSS believes that only through the testing and certification of a third-party authority organization, using data to present product performance, and interpreting our expertise with achievements can guarantee safety. With our spacer delivery system, we now can offer all cars the perfect spacer solution without any quality compromise.

Based on traditional wheel spacers, BONOSS wheel spacers come with more useful designs, such as the active cooling grooves, lightweight hollows, knurling surface, disassembly notches and so on. The cost of manufacturing such wheel spacers will be a little higher than the traditional alternatives. However, BONOSS maintain a particularly friendly price. You don’t need to pay extra fees for this. Wheel spacers prices may fluctuate depending on material cost and demand, but BONOSS always strive to offer the best quality OEM wheel spacers with more practical functions.

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