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Wheel spacers can be used not only on off-road terrain but also on everyday city roads. For SUVs with high ground clearance, fitting wheel spacers will widen the track and give the vehicle better stability. For the Nissan Patrol Y62, fitting a set of wheel spacers can solve a lot of problems, but how do you choose a quality and safe set of wheel spacers? When choosing Wheel spacers, it is not only necessary to judge the raw material of the wheel spacers but also to pay attention to whether the product is from a big brand or not. There are wheel spacers on the market that claim to be universal and there are also those that claim to be cheap and affordable, it is difficult for customers to judge which wheel spacers are safe, especially for some novices, it is even more, especially for some newcomers, so here are the key points to look out for when choosing safe wheel spacers.


Wheel Spacers with Hub Centric Rings

The Hub-Centric Ring is unique to the hub-centric wheel spacers and the other type of wheel spacer is the Lug-centric, which is a metal ring sandwiched between the rim and the hub. Without the wheel spacer in place, the rim and hub are in a concentric position and the hub centric fits the wheel spacers to the contact surface of the hub, as fitting the wheel spacers means pushing the rim outwards. The absence of a hub-centric means that the rim is held in place by lug bolts or lug nuts during the outward push. These parts will bear the weight of the car and the pressure of the drive shaft. During long periods of driving, the bumps and shocks from the road will all be borne by these parts, which will easily cause wear and tear. It will cause wheel spacers to fail.

The use of a hub-centric restores the process of force application and maintains the concentric position of the rim and hub, with the force applied to the rim still being done by the hub-centric, eliminating the possibility of wheel spacer vibration at high speeds. Some wheel spacers without a hub-centric are made by welding the hub centric to the disc body through secondary processing, the processing technology of forging and casting as well as welding will greatly affect the structural strength and service life of the wheel spacers. The use of welding is not recommended and is unsafe, the welded area cannot withstand the impact of the road and the weight of the body for a long period of time, while casting has the defect of structural density, even in the internal structure of the product such as air pockets and other loopholes. Forge produces wheel spacers of reliable structural strength.

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Lug Nuts For Nissan Patrol Y62

Nissan and other Japanese and American models use lug nuts for fixing, after fitting wheel spacers, the wheel spacers are fixed by means of the original studs and the lug nuts that come with the wheel spacers, while for the rim fixing, the original lug nuts can be retained or the BONOSS lug nuts can be selected. The rim can be fixed with either the original lug nuts or the BONOSS aftermarket lug nuts.


BONOSS’ new forged 7075-T6 aluminum lug nuts (honeycomb shape) are designed to fit a wide range of American and Japanese vehicles with lug nuts, including Honda, Nissan, Tesla, and other makes. It is made from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and has a tensile strength of 572 Mpa or higher for road safety. It is also lighter than OE lug nuts, at just 25 grams per lug nut, making it an excellent lightweight product. The hard anodized surface provides excellent scratch resistance to extend the life of the lug nuts. Best of all, up to 9 colors of nuts are available for you to choose from, giving you even more options.