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One of the most common modifications people make to their cars is to install wheel spacers. It’s easy to see why – by increasing the track width, wheel spacers improve the stability and smoothness. This also improves the rollover resistance. A car with perfect handling gives satisfaction to the driver and makes the drive safe and enjoyable. Whether you are upsizing to high-performance wheels for a “sporty” look and feel, or going all out with those larger brake kits, wheel spacers help you fit these components with no problems.

Most dealers sell wheel spacers in pairs. This is because the same two spacers keep the wheels looking equally spaced in the wheel wells. When you are changing the size of the wheels, the overall diameter of the tire and wheel assembly must remain the same to keep the proper settings. Therefore, if one front wheel needs a spacer, it would make sense that the other front wheel on the opposite side would also need it (assuming the rims and tires are the same).

How Much Do Wheel Spacers Affect Offset?

Wheel spacers are directly related to offset. Simply speaking, they reduce wheel offset. For instance, a 10mm wheel spacer will reduce the 10mm offset, and the wheel will be pushed out 10mm. Perhaps the most important factor in fitting new wheels is the proper handling of wheel offset. Getting the offset wrong risks badly damaging the replacement wheels and tires as well as suspension components, and can put the driver at serious risk of a blowout.

Offset wheel spacers are designed to compensate for too much positive offset. By fitting between the wheel and the rotor, they push the wheel farther away from the suspension. You can change the offset by adding a spacer with the corresponding thickness. Certainly, it is better to install the correct size and offset wheel in the first place, but things are not always that easy. You have to take a lot of factors into consideration, such as sizes, brands, and most importantly, the budget. If you are running a limited budget, wheel spacers will be your perfect solution.

Why Do Wheel Spacers Come In Pairs BONOSS Forged Wheel Spacers Front Rear Wheels ET Spacers (2)

How Thick Wheel Spacers Do I Need?

If you’re trying to achieve a unique sporty appearance, consider a proper set of wheel spacers. There are several factors that determine how thick wheel spacers you need to clear wrong offset problems. The first thing to consider is your wheel clearance. Since the fenders are actually very important parts that prevent the rolling mud or debris from hitting anyone or anything, it is not recommended to use wheel spacers to stick your tires out past the fenders. Hence, you need to measure the wheel gap and use wheel spacers below that distance.

If you get new wheels, knowing the offset is also important. Use a ruler to measure from the mounting flange to the centerline of the wheel. Compare the OEM wheel offset to the aftermarket ones, then you will quickly find out the perfect wheel spacers sizes.