So long as you use quality hub-centric wheel spacers and properly torque them, they will never come loose. Wheel spacers have now become one of the most common upgrading accessories for vehicles. They will move the wheels outwards from the suspension, which can help tremendously with clearance and rubbing issues. This is very efficient and cost-effective because you don’t need to buy another set of offset wheels.

Modern wheel spacers are divided into bolt-on styles and slip-on styles. Bolt-on spacers come with a new set of wheel lugs, which allows you to achieve a full thread engagement without using longer bolts. And slip-on wheel spacers are slipped onto your vehicle hubs. To ensure a firm wheel connection, applying extended wheel bolts will be necessary. Whatever type you use, keep the lug threads properly engaged, wheel spacers are exactly safe.

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Use Proper Wheel Bolts to Avoid Wheel Spacers Coming Loose

When properly torqued, the wheel lugs apply a clamping force to hold the wheels and spacers together. This force is related to the strength and thread engagement of the wheel bolts. So, if the bolt strength is insufficient or the thread is not enough, the wheels may come loose. To avoid this, be sure to not only use high-strength wheel bolts but also follow the recommended torque specs.

Having proper wheel spacers and bolts installed will help prevent any potential loose issues on the road and also guarantee that your wheels remain securely in place. Extended wheel bolts come with longer thread lengths. For driving safety, be sure to use corresponding extended bolts when adding slip-on wheel spacers. Done properly, you will see that the wheel connection is still tight when you perform routine maintenance like tire rotations.

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Enhanced Corrosion-resistance Ability of Wheel Bolts

Even if you torque down each bolt of the wheel spacers, due to wear and tear over time, your steel lug bolts are likely rusting. For long-term tightening, it is important to keep the bolts away from rusting or corroding. In most modern steel applications, this problem is easily overcome by coating. If you’re looking for a set of good rust-proof wheel bolts, the Electroplating wheel bolts are a good option.

Electroplating is used worldwide to achieve high-quality corrosion resistance for wheel bolts at a level of high efficiency and environmental compliance. It is useful to protect your wheel bolts from rusting or corrosion. Moreover, it also behaves greatly to stand up to extreme environments such as water, sunlight, chemicals, etc. Every part of the surface is evenly coated with the paint, nowhere is missing. You don’t need to worry about whether the wheel spacers will come loose if you use these wheel bolts.

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