What 2022 Ford Mustang lug nut size for aftermarket wheels? If you’re looking for a performance and style upgrade to your Mustang, nothing beats getting a new set of aftermarket wheels. But did you make sure the Mustang’s stock lug nuts fit your new aftermarket wheels? Most OE (original equipment) wheel lug nuts are not designed for aftermarket wheels, so to make sure your new wheels have the right lug nuts, getting a set of right size wheel lug nuts is perfect for you!

Replacing OE equipment with the best matching and more durable lug nuts is the result we hope for. So here we need to introduce you to the sizes and types of different wheel lug nuts.

What Are 2022 Ford Mustang Tire Lug Nuts?

Although tire lug nut is a very small auto part, it plays an important role in keeping you safe driving. It is used to secure the wheel and tire to the vehicle, and having the correct type and size of lug nuts ensures that your new aftermarket wheel is installed safely and securely.

What Are The 2022 Ford Mustang Lug Nut Types For Aftermarket Wheels?

Let’s talk about the common lug nut types on the market. The first is the conical seat lug nuts. This type of lug nut features a cone-shaped head with a 60-degree tilt. The second is the ball seat lug nuts, which have an entire round face in contact with the screw seat. The third most common is the flat seat lug nuts, which are like their own washer, and a whole flat face is in contact with the screw seat and fixed.

The above three are the most used wheel lug nut types on the market. Generally speaking, the screw seat matching type of the new aftermarket wheels you buy is one of these three types. We recommend that you can save time by making sure the new wheel matches the lug nut type you currently have before getting the order.

2022 ford mustang lug nut size--bonoss

What Are The 2022 Ford Mustang Lug Nut Size For Aftermarket Wheels

You can see some numbers on the wheel lug nut size. Generally, they use two numbers to express the size. For example, the original 2022 Ford Mustang lug nut size is M14x1.5. The first number is the diameter of the wheel stud. The second number is the screw pitch, which is the distance between each thread. Then the diameter of the M14x1.5 lug nut is 12mm and the screw pitch is 1.5mm.

2022 ford mustang lug nut size--BONOSS

In order to safely install your new aftermarket wheel, the size matching of the wheel lug nuts is critical. If you install a lug nut that does not match the size by mistake, then the clamping force it gives to the wheel will be insufficient, and eventually the wheel will fall off.