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How to clear your tires with 2022 Jeep Gladiator wheel spacers? What thickness of wheel spacers is right for your Jeep Gladiator? The Jeep Gladiator is arguably the most versatile car in the pickup world, with removable body panels and inherent all-terrain capability. Upgrading such a hardcore off-road pickup truck is a lot of fun. In the process of upgrading to larger tires, you may encounter many problems, such as friction between components, tire tucked problems, and wheel fit problems. In this blog, we will answer you on how to choose the right thickness of 2022 Jeep Gladiator wheel spacers to solve these headaches.

What Are The 2022 Jeep Gladiator Wheel Spacers?

Let’s briefly introduce the 2022 Jeep Gladiator wheel spacers. It is a ring-shaped car accessory made of high-grade metal that is mounted on the axle rotor, which can extend the axle hub a distance to push the tire out, thereby lowering the wheel offset and increasing the wheel backspacing.

How To Measure To Clear Your Tires With 2022 Jeep Gladiator Wheel Spacers?

When you replace the Gladiator with bigger brake calipers, different types of suspension kits, or a set of larger tires, then you drive it on the road with excitement but notice an abnormal rubbing noise or vibration. This is because your tires are rubbing against some of the wheel assembly components.

When you have this problem, all you need to do is find where the friction is and measure how much of them are rubbing against each other. If thicker upgraded brake calipers are installed, they are most likely due to insufficient backspacing of the wheels causing friction, then you need to measure how much the thickness of your new brake caliper differs from the factory one.

If the upgraded suspension kits are installed, you will need to see if the angle and volume of the spring parts or connecting rods are different from the original and measure the amount of friction between the tires when running straight and full steering. If the larger aftermarket tires are installed, then consider whether it collides and rubs with the fender, connecting rod, or brake caliper.

The Friction problems typically occur inside vehicle structures and are sometimes difficult to measure directly. You can install the screw washer, simulate the thickness of the spacer first, and go for a test drive (note that it should be done in a place are few vehicles and at a low speed) to see if there is still friction. However, this method is only limited to offset correction within 5mm. If you need a correction distance of more than 5mm, you should seek a professional auto mechanic for detailed measurement, and then order a set of Jeep Gladiator wheel spacers with a suitable thickness.

How To Choose The Suitable Thickness 2022 Jeep Gladiator Wheel Spacers For Your Pickup?

In general, using spacers of the same thickness will have different effects on different vehicles. For example, using a 1.5-inch spacer may cause the tires of a sedan to hit the fender lip when passing the speed bump, but it is perfectly suitable for off-roaders such as Gladiator. How thick wheel spacers to use depends on what problem you want to solve for the vehicle or what kind of appearance and handling improvements you want to achieve. Here are the different thicknesses of spacers that make the general effects on most vehicles, for your reference:

Under 1/2-inch (3mm-12mm)—moving wheels 1/2-inch outwards eliminates rubbing and clearance issues when installing aftermarket wheels.

1/2-inch to 1-inch (13mm-25mm)—a super-effective accessory to increase stability and give a noticeably aggressive stance.

1.25-in to 1.5-inch (30mm-40mm)—by pushing out the wheels further out from the hub with 1.5-inch wheel spacers you gain handling characteristics and get a catchy look.

Above 2-inch (50mm+)—allow for significantly wider tires to improve road grip and traction when off-roading.