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After eight years, we finally wait for the redesign of the Range Rover. Not following the fashion of radical design, the new Range Rover uses creative intellect and modernist design philosophy to show the theme of minimalism. The 2022 Range Rover is available with plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid options, and there are four models – Range Rover SE, Autobiography, First Edition, and the pinnacle SV model can be chosen. For this all-new luxury SUV from Jaguar Land Rover, its corresponding aftermarket accessories will definitely be available in the near future. For owners of 2022 Range Rover who plan to buy aftermarket wheels, it’s an inevitable fact that most of the aftermarket wheels of 2022 Range Rover are matched with conical lug nuts, while the factory design on 2022 Range Rover is flat lug nuts. To solve this, you have to additionally buy a new aftermarket flat lug nut kit.

Three Common Types of 2022 Range Rover Lug Nuts

Conical – The most common type of lug nuts to be used in the automobile industry, especially for aftermarket wheels, since it is easy to work with and center correctly. Conical lug nuts are designed in a cone shape to fit with the cone-shaped lug holes on the wheel. And the 60-degree taper is the common design.

Flat – This type features a flat mounting surface. The design is prone to a tricky problem – if the studs are not centering correctly, they are just fixed to the flat mounting surface of lug nuts, instead of going through the lug holes. This is why most aftermarket wheels will not opt for.

Ball – The round-shaped design of lug nuts. It’s relatively less used because it’s hard to distinguish between ball seat and conical seat, the damage led by the confusion may be irreversible. However, some brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW and Honda are still designing for certain models.

2022 Range Rover Wheel mods: How To Choose the Right Lug Nut

The certain type of lug nuts must match with the corresponding shape of lug holes. It’s dangerous for driving safety since the tightness can not be ensured between different shapes of lug nuts and lug holes. Before installing the aftermarket wheel to your 2022 Range Rover, figure out the original lug thread and seat type of the factory lug nuts, and the seat type of aftermarket wheel to determine the tread engagement you need. Besides, quality, outlook and security are all in concern.

Quality– As the part connected with studs to safely fix the wheels on the axle plate, lug nuts must have high-performance hardness, proof load capability, superior chemical composition and corrosion resistance. ISO standard grade 10 is the highest grade in the lug nuts industry. A high-quality lug nut must be proved by TUV and SGC tests. BONOSS lug nuts all meet the requirements with certifications.

Outlook – Besides practicality, a beautiful and exquisite appearance can directly show your personality. The aesthetic of lug nuts mainly comes from the material and color painting. Titanium nuts have not only a notable and luxurious color but also a lightweight performance.

Security – To protect the high-end wheels of your luxury 2022 Range Rover from being theft, you need a locking wheel nut sticking on each wheel. Locking wheel nut is designed with a special head and can be only removed by locking the wheel nut key. If you also plan to upgrade accessories like wheels, brake caliper, shock or suspension, it’s an easy but very useful way to protect your baby vehicle.

BONOSS Grade 10 forged wheel nuts 2022 Range Rover M14×1.5
BONOSS Grade 10 forged wheel nuts 2022 Range Rover M14×1.5 by rongyan.1

And if you additionally install with wheel spacers, you have to consider the thickness and type of wheel spacers. If you install thin adapters that have no need for extra stud length to fix the wheels on, just figure out if the lug nuts could correctly tighten the wheel and studs or not. But for the thickness over 15mm, you have to choose bolt-on wheel spacers designed with studs to provide the extra length you need to tighten the wheels. Make sure the bolt-on wheel spacers’ bolt thread and seat type are matched the aftermarket lug nut kits that you purchase for the aftermarket wheels. BONOSS provides aluminum alloy 6061-T6/7075-T6 wheel adapters/spacers with matching grade 12.9 bolts and grade 10 lug nuts. All the products have passed TUV and SGC tests, having high hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.

Just leave the complicated and professional things to us! BONOSS has already prepared for the 2022 Range Rover. We have instant data acquisition and professional data measurement about 2022 Range Rover. You can enjoy customized service no matter you did any mods on your 2022 Range Rover. Have a browse at our products. Any questions, please contact us.