Stock 2024 BMW X5 wheel bolts are generally rated as grade 10.9 products, which means they have sufficient performance to support the vehicle across all terrains. However, some customers may wish to replace these stock wheel bolts with aftermarket ones. While this is possible, looking for parts with a higher grade performance is important to ensure they can support the vehicle’s operation, especially for SUVs. BONOSS offers grade 12.9 honeycomb shell-style 2024 BMW X5 wheel bolts, fulfilling personalized styling preferences and providing outstanding performance.

What are 2024 BMW X5 Wheel Bolts?

The BONOSS honeycomb-style forged shell wheel lock bolt kit is designed to enhance the security and aesthetics of the wheel fastening system on the 2024 BMW X5. This wheel lock bolt kit comprises grade 12.9 core bolts and a forged aluminum alloy shell. The outer shell provides additional protection against wheel theft while incorporating a unique and eye-catching honeycomb design.

Verification of load capacity and tensile strength is crucial in designing and manufacturing these wheel lock bolts. To ensure the highest level of safety, BONOSS’s 2024 BMW X5 wheel bolts are forged, a process that involves shaping the bolts under extreme pressure to create a dense and robust material structure. The 12.9-grade bolts, made from forged SCM440 material, have an impressive proof load capacity of up to 121,000 N. This outstanding proof load capacity allows the bolts to handle the pressure of wheel installation and securely fasten the wheels to the vehicle.

Will 2024 BMW X5 Wheel Bolts Break While Driving?

Will 2024 BMW X5 Wheel Bolts Break While Driving?

Apart from strength, BONOSS Forged Shell Type 2024 BMW X5 wheel bolts also boast impressive tensile strength. Tensile strength is crucial in preventing the bolts from breaking or shearing when subjected to pulling forces. The grade 12.9 products have a maximum tensile strength of 152,000 N, whereas the grade 10.9 products can only reach 130,000 N. This data difference highlights the advantage of the grade 12.9 products.

BONOSS’s attention to detail and commitment to quality extend to the CNC manufacturing process. Precision forging and heat treatment techniques are employed to optimize the mechanical properties of this product, ensuring precision down to 0.02mm and reliable performance. This provides ample confidence for BMW owners who invest in this wheel lock bolt kit when driving on the road.

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