Locking wheel bolts are a good idea to protect your nice wheels from being stolen. A locking bolt works just like a typical lug bolt except that it cannot be removed without a corresponding key. Many cars are equipped with locking wheel bolts pre-installed. And some aftermarket rims will provide wheel locks for wheel security. When changing to new wheel lugs, a set of quality locking wheel bolts is definitely worth it.

If you live in an area where wheel thieves are frequent or you have invested big funds in aftermarket rims, then locking wheel bolts will be a wise choice. As is already mentioned, locking wheel bolts add more security to your valuable rims. They can help to keep those wheel thieves away. There are plenty of locking bolts and nuts on the market. Let’s look at some core factors that help you figure out the best wheel locks.

Are Locking Wheel Bolts A Good Idea BONOSS Wheel Lock Bolts Tire Cai (2)

Are Locking Wheel Bolts A Good Idea BONOSS Wheel Lock Bolts Tire Cai (3)

What Are Locking Wheel Bolts Types?

Design: Although there are various designs, most locking wheel bolts are divided into two types: Spline-drive and Heptagon. The most popular one is the spline-drive type. Those wheel bolts are designed with many narrow grooves on the head and even down the sides. These special grooves are unique so they cannot be removed with a standard tire iron or impact wrench. It is impossible for thieves to get those locking wheel bolts removed without the key.

Next are a new type of locking wheel bolt with a special Heptagon (7-sided) head. Different from the traditional hexagonal bolts, the heptagon types are hard to remove if you don’t have the proper removal key. Due to the irregular shape, even though the thieves have standard 7-side socket adapters, it is difficult for them to find the correct one to fit. In addition, they make your car look better.

Are Locking Wheel Bolts A Good Idea BONOSS Wheel Lock Bolts Tire Cai (1)

Material:  Apart from security, many car owners care more about quality. After all, the locking wheel bolts are critical components that keep your wheels centered and balanced on the vehicle. Using low-quality wheel bolts leads to disasters. When choosing quality locking wheel bolts, always check out the material and performance. BONOSS forged shell-type locking wheel bolts are constructed using high-strength SCM440 steel alloy. After the forging process, these BONOSS wheel bolts provide good strength and wear resistance, excellent toughness, and good ductility.

Such locking wheel bolts won’t fail even going through fierce impacts. If you would like to use a set of locking wheel bolts, why not go further to beautify your wheels at the same time. BONOSS shell-type locking wheel bolts come with forged 7075-T6 shells. These shells are used to keep water or debris away from the bolts. Besides, they are able to be anodized in a variety of colors, such as red, black, blue, grey, etc. Applying locking wheel bolts of the correct colors would make your wheels look fashionable and beautiful.