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What do Tacoma wheel spacers do? Are wheel spacers bad for my truck? How to choose wheel spacers for my Tacoma?  If you are debating whether or not to install wheel spacers on your Tacoma, read this article first may help you. We discuss the pros and cons of using Tacoma wheel spacers, what benefits they may bring your truck, and if there are any downsides.  (ILLUSTRATION FROM TACOMA.COM)

Most casual Tacoma drivers will not have any thought to the wheels on their Tacoma. Most know that their tires will eventually need to be replaced as part of general vehicle maintenance tasks, wheel spacers are usually of little concern to most casual drivers.It may only be after your stock wheels are damaged, your brakes need to be replaced or you want to make your Tacoma appearance outstanding that you will want to know about wheel spacers and if they are actually good or bad. To many Tacoma off-road enthusiasts, the refit of wheel-track has always been a talking point in every active off-road forum. If you want to make your Tacoma looks more aggressive or have a better driving experience but think wheels with odd offset are too expensive, Tacoma wheel spacers provide a very affordable and cost-efficient option for it. Within the car forums, wheel spacers’ benefits and safety are heavily debated, but the real matter of whether they are right for you, whether they are actually safe, and whether they are really a good or bad idea comes down to you and your reasons behind installing Tacoma wheel spacers. Let’s take an overview of Tacoma wheel spacers, and discuss whether they are actually as good or as bad as people said.


Wheel spacers are devices that are fitted to the wheel assembly hub of a vehicle to increase the distance between the wheel itself and the inner wheel well. In other words, wheel spacers are added to the wheel assembly to increase how far they stick out from your vehicle increasing its wheel track width. And wheel spacers can increase the width from a few millimeters to a few inches to your wheel track. There are several different types of wheel spacers. We recommend hub-centric spacers rather than lug-centric spacers.

Lug-centric versus hub-centric Tacoma wheel spacers

Most of the cons that people associate with Tacoma wheel spacers are blamed to lug centric spacers. Due to the lug-centric design, there is a certain gap between the hub assembly and the wheel. Without a firm contact, lacking the hub’s support, the studs play the role of bearing the road impacts. Some fierce impacts are strong enough to deform the studs, making the wheel no longer concentric with the hub, resulting in vibrations. Even worse, it may damage the wheel’s center bore.


There are several reasons you may want or need Tacoma wheel spacers installed on your truck. Though wheel spacers are not usually critical components, they often serve as correctional devices, expand compatibility options, or serve to enhance the appearance of your Tacoma.  (ILLUSTRATION FROM GOOGLE)

1.Enhance the appearance of your Tacoma

The most basic function of Tacoma wheel spacers is that they can give your vehicle a unique, more aggressive look. Generally, your wheels look tucked in fenders from the front and back, that is what regular Tacoma looked like. Installing wheel spacers of a suitable thickness will make your wheels flush to the finder. It is rare that wheel spacers are equipped for the sole purpose of making a vehicle look different, but it is nevertheless a cheap and simple mod that can give your vehicle a unique appearance without having to do much more than that.

2.Improve the handling characteristics of your Tacoma

Because Tacoma wheel spacers set the wheel track wider than it normally would be, your truck stability can be greatly improved. And the outside wheels provide better support when the truck is tilting laterally. This can be important on a truck with a high center of gravity. The farther away from the center of a vehicle the wheels are placed in, the less likely the vehicle will be to roll over.

3.Allow for component enhancement

Adding wheel spacers to your Tacoma may be necessary for upgrade wheels assembly components such as brakes or suspension. Fitting larger or different size brakes to your truck may cause some clearance issues with your stock wheels. This may be harmful to your new brakes and wheels. Suspension change may also cause the same types of issues. Lifted pickup trucks like Toyota Tacoma are prime candidates for wheel spacers, because a lift kit or some sort of other suspension enhancement may cause tire or wheel rubbing.

Tacoma wheel spacers can allow your new brakes and suspension or some assembly components to remain intact by moving the wheels away from your upgraded components.


Just as Tacoma wheel spacers have their own set of benefits, a great number of people will quickly get rid of the thought of installing wheel spacers on their cars after they looking at many articles or some experts said that, wheel spacers will shorten the life of the bearing and will be failed under you hard using.

So, are all wheel spacers like this?

Definitely no. Wheel spacers failed and other accidents may not seem surprising to the cheap wheel spacers purchased on eBay or other e-stores, as the products are not made with high-quality materials and professional designs.


1.Material is important.

Cheaply made Tacoma wheel spacers can be dangerous because the material with which they are made may not be durable enough to bear the weight of your truck. Many high-quality manufactures will make wheel spacers from strong, high-grade aluminum to ensure durability, like  BONOSS.

BONOSS Tacoma wheel spacers are made from high-strength aircraft aluminum alloy (6061-T6 or 7075-T6) with hard anodized for durability and corrosion protection.

2.Professional and precision design are important.

BONOSS Tacoma wheel spacers are precision engineered hub-centric and model specific for perfect fit and wheel balance. The PCD hole seat used to fix the wheel spacer is a full-cone seat design, which has better comprehensive performance and higher safety than the part-cone seat design.

BONOSS wheel spacers can match the PCE with 6×139.7 (6×5.5) or 5×114.3 (5×4.5) and the CB with 106.1mm or 60.1mm, which types you choose depending on your Tacoma chassis, from N140 to N300 facelift.

Why do we choose BONOSS Tacoma wheel spacers?

There are two characteristics of BONOSS wheel spacers that no other brands have:

1. The Active Cooling wheel spacers. 

The active cooling design of BONOSS wheel spacers improves brake efficiency by using the rotation of tires to take away the heat of brake and wheel.

Eight Characteristics:

1.  Active Cooling 2. ISO Grade 12.9 Studs 3. ISO Grade 10 Nuts 4. Knurling Design

5. Disassembly Grooves 6. Forged 7075-T6 7. Hub-centric 8. TUV SGS Certifications

2. The Lightweight Plus wheel spacers.

It effectively reduces weight and energy consumption to achieve a balance between high performance and environmental protection.

Eight Characteristics:

1.  Lightweight Plus  2. Hub Centric 3. Forged 7075-T6 4. Knurling Design

5. Disassembly Grooves 6. ISO Grade 12.9 Bolts 7. TUV SGS Certifications 8. Ten Years Warranty


The answer to this question of whether or not Tacoma wheel spacers are good or bad is very subjective. The short answer is that they can be very good for your needs if they are of high quality, and you know exactly what you need them to accomplish.

On the other hand, they can be very bad if they are made of cheap materials, or if you are unaware of the pros and cons they offer, as well as what exactly it is that you’re getting them for. You can always consult our BONOSS for any assistance when it comes to your vehicle with wheel spacers. We would like to help you answer all of your fitment questions, installation concerns, or any other issues you might have in mind. Welcome to our BONOSS website!