By spacing the wheels outwards, 20mm wheel spacers increase the track width. The tires have a greater track width to provide better stability to the vehicle at high speeds and while cornering. In addition, the resistance to rollover enhances when the wheels are moved outwards from the vehicle hub. It also helps increase the comfort of the passengers and creates more space between tires to accommodate more components. By pushing the wheels out 20mm, the 20mm wheel spacers allow you to add larger wheels with no rubbing problems. Through this function, they will also make the required room for a larger caliper that wouldn’t fit in the factory wheel space. This improves the handling even more. Furthermore, a broader track gives the car a completely new look. Its shape is powerful, sturdy, and sporty.

Do 20mm Wheel Spacers Make A Difference BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus 20mm Wheel Spacers Before and After (2)

Do 20mm Wheel Spacers Make A Difference BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus 20mm Wheel Spacers Before and After (1)

Is it OK to Use 20mm Wheel Spacers?

Actually, 20mm wheel spacers are safe to use and they provide many advantages for your vehicle. If you put 20mm spacers on each wheel, that adds a total of 40mm track width. However, the allowable thickness of spacers varies by vehicle. To fit a 20mm wheel spacer, you have at least 20mm (0.75″) of wheel gap. Wheel gap means the distance from the outer tire edge to the fender line. Assuming this distance is 20mm. With 20mm wheel spacers, you can bring the wheels flush with the fender. Installing wheel spacers below this thickness usually will be very safe and beneficial. If you get new aftermarket wheels, you should take wheel offset into consideration. Use a straightedge to measure the distance from the suspension to the centerline of the wheel. And this is the offset of your new rims. A 20mm wheel spacer will reduce the 20mm offset.

Do 20mm Wheel Spacers Make A Difference BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus 20mm Wheel Spacers Before and After (3)

Are Aluminum 20mm Wheel Spacers Good?

As much as the wheels, forged aluminum 20mm wheel spacers are better and safer than the cast ones. Forged aluminum wheel spacers are manufactured from a solid piece of billets. They have undergone continuous intense pressure to be formed. Due to the continuous stress cycle and process of deformation, the forged 20mm wheel spacers become hard and tough. The strength is greatly enhanced. Considering the strength of equipment needed to manufacture forged wheel spacers, this type of wheel spacers is stronger than casting wheel spacers.

BONOSS 20mm wheel spacers are made of forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 billet aluminum alloy. The tensile strength is up to 572 Mpa and the yield strength is up to 503 Mpa (as strong as aviation aircraft). The higher the strength, the better the performance. In addition, BONOSS 20mm wheel spacers apply an optimized “Hollow Carved” design, which provides obviously lightweight effect, 20% off compared with the previous production. It is a proven design that is effectively reducing weight, reducing energy consumption, improving control performance, and achieving a balance between high performance and environmental protection on the premise of ensuring safety and reliability.