Are Lexus LX600 wheel spacers a good idea? What are the advantages of LX600 spacers? It is safe to run LX600 spacers? These topics become popular with the thrilling coming of the all-new Lexus LX600. For many LX600 owners who prefer custom configuration, aftermarket wheels and performance brakes are two very popular upgrades that improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle. And wheel spacers are designed to create more space between wheel and vehicle hub assembly, hence reducing wheel offset. You can run these big wheels and large brakes without any clearance trouble with the help of LX600 spacers. They also increase the track of your vehicle, hence strengthening the grip. As a result, the resistance to rollover enhances when the wheels are moved outwards from the vehicle hub, meanwhile, the comfort level improves. For aesthetic purposes, properly pushing your wheels outwards to the position where flush with the fender makes your Lexus LX600 more aggressive, sporty, and personalized.

Are Lexus LX600 Wheel Spacers Safe?

Yes, they are safe. You might worry that running spacers will mess up your LX600. In fact, if installed properly, high-quality LX600 spacers won’t exert more force on your suspension than wheels with similar backspacing, thus you won’t have any safety problems. Most of the disadvantages that people claim with wheel spacers are actually blamed to the casting-made and rough-design spacers and an improper installation. Low-quality wheel spacers are imprecise machining with cheap casting Aluminum scrap, thus they are not strong enough and will be deformed and destroyed under intense impacts, leading to disasters. If you operate improperly during the installation process (e.g., untightened or overtightened the LX600 lug nuts), will also increase the chances of accidents. Avoid buying cheap unbranded spacers, or you may ultimately pay much more for them. It is always a great idea to regularly inspect and give the spacers another check after 100 miles of driving to make sure they’re still in place well and the lug nuts are safely torqued. BONOSS stores are able to customize to your needs. We provide products made with genuine quality and help you avoid deception by unscrupulous merchants.

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What’s the Ideal Lexus LX600 Spacer to Use?

If you have added offset aftermarket wheels, make sure you have LEXUS LX600 spacers of the proper thickness to correct the wrong offset. Giving an example, if your stock wheels’ ET/offset is 60, and you change to ET/offset 85 wheels, then you need 1-in wheel spacers to compensate for the offset. According to the news, the new Lexus LX600 will use the same platform as the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series, hence you need 6 lug wheel spacers for proper fit. It is important to measure the wheel gap. The wheel gap is the amount of space between the inner fender lip and the outside edge of your wheel tires or rims. It will help you find the proper thickness your Lexus LX600 need. If you have a straight edge metal ruler, place the straight edge on the outermost part of the rims where the wheel comes closest to the fender (preferably the top), then, measure from the outside wheel to the straight edge. This distance is the size Lexus LX600 spacer you will need to achieve the look that flushes or nearly flushes with the fender. Some people argue that proper backspaced and offset wheels are more suitable than installing spacers. However, high-quality Lexus LX600 wheel spacers are typically as strong as the wheels they attach to. As long as you operate properly, spacers will bring you more benefits.