What Are The Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are the ring metal spacers that go between a vehicle’s wheel and the hub. Spacers are located the wheel further away from the chassis and are used for many reasons, including performance, fitment, and appearance. There is two main design of wheel spacers. The first one is a simple design that slides over the existing studs or lug bolts. The other one is a bolt-on type, which bolts to the vehicle’s hub.

Which design should be used that mainly depend on the thickness of the wheel spacers. The design of slide-on wheel spacers is mainly used for spacers below 10mm, which will not cause too much influence. The main reason is to correct the offset so that the wheels will not rub against other parts. If spacers with a large thickness greater than 10mm, the bolt-on design type are usually adopted. This design makes the spacers threaded on the axle, and the wheel hub is bolted on the spacers’ studs.


Do Wheel Spacers Affect The Vehicle’s Fitment?

The most well-known function of the wheel spacers is ensuring that a special set of wheels will fit correctly on a vehicle if the wheels have the wrong offset. If wheels impact with suspension parts or body kit in the inner wheel arch, then installing a set of spacers may solve this problem by pushing the wheels further away from the body kit.

Do Wheel Spacers Affect The Vehicle’s Appearance?

In addition to being useful for vehicle modification, it is also used to make a vehicle look better. Wheels that protrude to the fenders of a vehicle’s body kit give the vehicle a better stance. The wheel spacers have been used for years by companies such as Porsche to not only improve handling performance but to make the vehicle look more faired. However, if the wheel spacer is too thick, it can result in an odd outlook, where the wheels come out to the body kit too much.


Do The Wheel Spacers Affect the Vehicle’s Performance?

Wheel spacers are also used to increase the handling of the vehicle. Spacers are installed between the wheel and the axle, and it can locate the wheel further away from the axle rotor, widening the track width. This in turn improves the amount of road holding that your vehicle has in sharp corners, making the vehicle more stable. The wheel spacers can also affect the balance of the vehicle’s handling performance. For example, if you only install wheel spacers in the back, then you will get more grip in the rear.

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