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For people who have the need of off-roading or loading bulky items, Ford Ranger can help deal with the problems of rugged terrain or handling issues especially 2021 Ford Ranger is equipped with the Tremor Off-Road Package which includes new magnetic-painted alloy wheels, new undercarriage skid plate, modified off-road suspension, and new front and rear tow hooks.

On basis of these all features, many off-roading enthusiasts will do some modifications to their vehicle, such as larger brakes to get shorter stopping distance, wider track to receive powerful grip and handling, and better suspension to improve the stability. All of these fitments may meet the problems that there is not enough clearance between the hub and the wheel or between the wheel and the fender, which will cause rubbing issues on your precious accessories. Installing wheel spacers to solve the problem is a cheap and convenient way you can take into consideration

When Your Ford Ranger Need Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are a kind of accessory selected according to personal needs.  Whether it is useful depends essentially on your needs. Before consider buying wheel spacers, you need to be more familiar with the usage situation of wheel spacers.

If you upgrade the brake kit. For Ford Ranger’s owners, installing an upgraded brake kit can receive a better handling experience while climbing hills and taking a sharp turn. Upgraded brake kits always have a larger volume, which will probably rub against the wheel spokes. It is necessary to push the wheel away at a moderate distance. Wheel spacers are fitted between the axle and the hub, creating enough clearance for brakes. On another hand, upgraded brakes will generate more heat on the brake disc due to the greater friction it brings. BONOSS Active Cooling Wheel Spacers have the world’s first “active heat dissipation” patented technology which is different from the traditional wheel spacers. The petals-distributed heat dissipation grooves and the “knurling” cylindrical surface can significantly improve the heat dissipation efficiency. This is very important for driving safety.


If you change the wheel. Wheel modification is another common choice for someone who pursues an amazing performance. It also plays a critical role in Ford Ranger modification. A performance wheel can provide a strong road grip and traction for off-roading. However, the wider wheel track is likely to rub against the wheel arch lining or the fender of your vehicle, especially your fender has also undergone wide-body modification. Of course, nobody will be such a fool to abandon the precious wheel hub or the wheel tire. Wheel spacers are an ideal remedy to solve these rubbing issues. If you would like to broaden the track width to get better handling without the cost of a luxury performance wheel, wheel spacers can easily fulfill your desire. In other words, fitting wheel spacers onto the axel of your Ranger can just get a new axel that is more protruding. And then your wheel hub is connected with a protruding axel. The track width is definitely increasing. The wider track will reduce the risk of rollover while your Ranger goes around the curve or through the rugged surface.


If you want a unique look. Although this seems insignificant, it is indeed a common purpose of many vehicle modifications. To have your Ford Ranger more noticeable, you can modify the body kit, exhaust system, wheels, headlights, grilles, front bumper, etc. All of these can make your Ford Ranger stand out. With no idea, wheel spacers can give your vehicle an outstanding exterior as well as the premise of safety, if you strictly follow the installation instruction. For some racing cars, the demand for huge wheel track is difficult to meet, and the custom wheel spacers become an essential accessory because their size can be customized from 3mm to 160mm, which at least can be achieved by BONOSS. Whatever unconventional wheel spacers are all available by us.

The performance and the safety must be predominant in off-roading. If you want to make your high-quality Ford Ranger upgrade to a new level, BONOSS wheel spacer is a considerate assistant. You get what you pay for. Don’t be stingy in the choice of product. Anyway, it’s far more a piece of cake compared with the wheel hub or your upgraded component. A product made of high-quality material and exclusive technology is the greatest responsibility for your safety.