Talking about how long wheel spacers actually last? Under what situation do wheel spacers fail? There is hardly an exact answer that can help you to be sure. City road commuting and off-road conditions will also affect the service life of wheel spacers to varying degrees, but wheel spacers from famous brands usually come with warranties, such as Eibach, H&R, and BONOSS, all with different warranties from 5 to 10 years even longer, which gives consumers more confident when buying wheel spacers under the quality guarantee of the brand. How long can wheel spacers be used in a car?

How Long Do Wheel Spacers On My 2022 Off-road Jeep Wrangler Last

How Long Do Wheel Spacers Last?

In an off-road Jeep Wrangler forum, owners shared their experiences with wheel spacers fitted to off-road models and also shared some of the reasons why wheel spacers failed, which has led BONOSS to think about how to better design high-performance wheel spacers for customers. The wheel spacers used for off-road applications are all well-known brands on the market and have been used for 5 years or more with proper installation and use, with no safety incidents. In the course of using wheel spacers, many owners have regularly checked the operation of their vehicles and the condition of the wheel spacers. Another way to measure the service life of wheel spacers is vehicle travel.

Some Examples:

cjs16jku said “I’ve used wheel spacers for almost 20k miles and never had a problem with them (knock on wood) about 1000 of those miles have been off road. Granted, no hardcore rock crawling, I do spend a lot of time in the mountains and woods and also daily drive the Jeep. When I put them on, I used the red locktite and checked them about 1000 miles later and haven’t worried about them since.”

Hivedr said “Currently at 60K miles with mine. Lots of off roading in the desert south west and a number of big name western trails. Never an issue nor do I expect any. “Spacers” or more correctly “adaptors” become and integral part of the axle because they are bolted on just like any other bolted on part. Conversely true “spacers” are thin metal disks that are simply sandwiched between the axle and rim that rely on the rim to hold them in place. These type are not safe and should not be used other than for show vehicles.”

NoGaBiker said “Ascending up out of Kane Creek Canyon at the end of Week 2 of a 3-week trip to Moab last year. Drove out from the east coast. 1.5″  spacers, 285/75-17 KM2s, OEM Willys wheels. No problems so far. Spacers have been on for about 18,000 miles.”

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Basically, the well-known brands of wheel spacers offer longer warranties, but some of the lesser-known brands do not offer warranties, or can’t even be found on their shopping pages. Eibach wheel spacers offer a two-year warranty, ECS wheel spacers offer a one-year warranty, and BONOSS offers a warranty of up to ten years. Most vehicles travel around 120,000 miles over a ten-year period, and a car that has been reasonably well maintained for ten years is likely to last another five (taking into account actual driving miles), and BONOSS products essentially cover the life of the vehicle. BONOSS wheel spacers and wheel bolts have been designed and manufactured with mechanical fatigue in mind.

Theoretically, BONOSS wheel spacers are forged to maximize the strength of the aluminum alloy. The 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloys are used for their high Tensile Strength and Yield Strength. Generally speaking, BONOSS recommends that you check your wheel spacers every 6 months and that you carry out a tire pressure check before and after each use of your vehicle to ensure safe driving.

Why Wheel Spacers Fail?

Most wheel spacers fail due to incorrect installation, using the wrong torque value to mount the wheel spacers on the hub assembly, resulting in broken threads in the lug nuts or lug bolts, which are incorrectly stressed and fail to tighten the hub and wheel spacers. The other extreme case is a crack in the hub centric. This may be due to the fact that the machining data for the hub centric does not match the hub centric on the inside of the wheel to an exact degree, resulting in uneven forces on the hub centric during travel and cracking, not excluding the use of poor quality materials that cannot support the forces on the hub. In addition, there is the possibility of secondary welding, as the structural strength of forged wheel spacers in the hub centric is significantly different from that of secondary welded wheel spacers.

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