The failure of wheel bolts is not rare in daily life. Rusty bolts, loose bolts, bolt break, and bolt suck are the main accidents we will encounter with. Besides the quality of wheel bolts and using environment, the installation is always ignored by vehicle owners. Especially for the full-size SUVs like the 2017 Mercedes GLS X166, the wrong installation of wheel bolts will lead to terrible consequences. So what’s worth attention when we install Benz X166 wheel bolts? There we go.

Regular Maintenance for Benz X166 Wheel Bolts

Just as you will regularly give maintenance to your vehicle, the vehicle accessories also need regular maintenance to instantly clear the rust, dust, or moisture on them. The official lifetime of Mercedes X166 wheel bolts is not always the same for every vehicle in any situation. For example, if you spend most of your time off-road on muddy and rocky roads, the wheel bolts are more likely to rust. Regular maintenance includes clearing the rust with rust removal or changing a new bolt set if the rust is too severe. But be careful not to use too much lubricating oil, which will lead to over-torque on the wheel bolts. This is what we’re going to mention next.

Moderate Torque to Tighten Benz X166 Wheel Bolts

Many bolts failures are caused by improper torque. If the torque is not enough, the wheel bolts cannot bolt the wheels on the axle tightly, the consequence of which is that the wheels are easy to fall off during high-speed driving. On the contrary, if the torque is over, the load on the wheel bolts will pass their fatigue strength and lead to the break. Over-torque may be caused by the use of lubricating oil or the use of the impact wrench with high pressure. The smooth feeling after using oil will mistake you to think that the torque is not enough, and the impact wrench will apply 3-5 times more torque on the wheel bolts than the normal torque wrench. The right approach is, clear the rust with spry, wipe all the liquid off, tighten the wheel bolts with a torque wrench according to the specified configuration. When you hear a ‘Click’, the X166 wheel bolts are in place.

Regular Check of Benz X166 Wheel Bolts Before and After the Journey

This is often ignored by people, or to say the importance of journey check doesn’t gain enough attach. If you’re an off-road enthusiast, you’d better do a routine inspection before and after a long journey. The majority of accidents can be avoided by artificial prevention. If you find apparent problems with wheel bolts, don’t delay to let them continue to deteriorate. It’s recommended to prepare a set of new wheel bolts on your trunk. Forged SCM440 high strength steel is better than SCM435, 35CrMo, and 40Cr in the market. For off-road enthusiasts driving the Mercedes X166, a set of high-performance wheel bolts are necessary. If you need some recommendations, you could browse BONOSS forged Grade 12.9 wheel bolts.