Measurement is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts in design. The basis of design is safety and the guarantee of safety is actual measurement data. Without the ability to measure personally, the data can only come from the website. Even if the data is accurate, lack of ownself database, there is no unique understanding of product design.

Over 10 years of professional experience, countless times of actual measuring, drawing updates, size precision upgrades, installation tests, we have built our own database of each vehicle selling on the market, and it’s still being updated continuously. With the unique database, we are able to design stronger performance, more functions and better experience automotive wheel accessories(including wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel lug nuts, etc.) for customers, and believe that weBONOSS more professional in measuring can do better in the future.

Although a lot of basic data has already been made public, BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) still insists on independent measuring and mapping for the most real, most effective and most suitable First-Hand data. If there is no independent measuring and mapping, but to design and manufacture products using already public data and rough precision solutions, we will consider this is a kind of disrespect for customers, even more, it is an insult to our own profession. And BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) has always promised to provide customers with high-precision, more reasonable and more reliable products.

Taking wheel spacers as an example, we have always been very sad that many companies have chosen to use a rough accuracy on the basis of public basic data and apply conservative accuracy solutions to their products. This will not only result in some avoidable problems but also bring unnecessary trouble to customers. And our professional measurement avoids these problems as well as further optimizes the experience for customers.

For example, Toyota Camry, it’s easy to know that the wheel center bore is 60.1mm, if there is no actual measuring and mapping data, the factory will directly produce products with 60.1mm. It can be installed, but not precise enough, still increasing the chance of high-speed vibration or wheel loosen. Through our professional measuring, we found that the user experience is more perfect when it is produced at 60.02mm.

How to judge the precision of wheel spacers?

In addition to dedicated measuring instruments, BONOSS (Formerly bloxsport) recommends two easy ways:

1. Is it easy to install the wheel spacer into the wheel hub? Generally speaking, the rougher accuracy, the larger clearance, the easier installation. As a matter of fact, wheel spacers with high precision require smooth installation due to the tiny gap.

2. Install the wheel spacer into the wheel hub, shake and spin it. The larger gap, the larger noise, the rougher precision. Yet, high precision wheel spacer, it can be spin slowly, but can not be shaken, and there won’t be any noise.

BONOSS (Formerly bloxsport) insists that independent measuring and mapping is a respect for our own profession, and providing customers with a better product experience is our constant pursuit.