Numerous cases prove that 5mm spacers are pretty safe if you have them installed properly. As many tire experts claim, make sure you get quality tire spacers. This is essential especially when you run 5mm spacers for the street and track. High-end brand wheel spacers are precisely machined to ensure perfect fitment and prevent the wheel from being off-center. If you get these brand-new 5mm wheel spacers, you’re good to go.

For those who intend to add performance brake calipers and offset wheels, 5mm spacers are the most cost-effective solution for clearing rubbing issues. By spacing the rims out about 5mm, they provide a little more clearance between the spokes and calipers. In addition, they will reduce the offset which makes your wheels look nicer. As the wheel track increases, the car will also perform better on the road. Done correctly, you will be good with no trouble at all!

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Will 5mm Spacers Cause Wheel Bearing Failure?

5mm spacers are not wide enough to affect the bearings. Besides, the weight of a 5mm spacer is quite insignificant and completely within the capacity of the part. Higher performance tires have wider, square sidewalls so the rubbing occurs. For most people, 5mm spacers are the best option to eliminate tire rubbing without looking overdone. In fact, wheel spacers are no different than rims with a more negative offset. Therefore, they won’t cause more damage than those sweet offset wheels selling on the market.

Decades of optimization and countless cases have proven that as long as you install them properly, quality 5mm spacers are completely harmless to the bearings. Brand spacer manufacturers (like BONOSS) ensure that their 5mm wheel spacers are built with high-quality materials and meet the strictest quality standards. These fit exactly on your vehicle which provides peace of mind in its compatibility and performance.

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How Can I Keep 5mm Spacers Safe?

The safety of 5mm spacers largely depends on how you install them. Before installing, make sure that the contact surface of the axle hub is smooth and flat. Only if the spacers sit flush with the hub can there be no vibration. In most cases, 5mm wheel spacers will need extended wheel bolts to ensure a full thread engagement. If your stock bolt length is 27mm, now you may need 32mm wheel bolts to secure the wheels and spacers properly.

Always remember to torque every single wheel bolt for your vehicle. After setting the torque wrench to the correct specification, tighten the wheel bolts in a star pattern, smoothly applying force until the wrench clicks, but no further. This ensures every bolt is forced evenly. In addition, it is always a good idea to give these 5mm spacers a check and retorqued the wheel bolts within about 50 – 100 miles of driving. This keeps your 5mm spacers safe in the long term.

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