BONOSS wheel spacers are forged, which start as a solid block of billet aluminum and undergo continuous tons of pressure to shape. This adds strength and eliminates any porosity, shrinkage, and other micro-processes presented in the raw material. Thus, BONOSS forged wheel spacers are significantly lighter and stronger than cast ones. The main materials used to make BONOSS spacers are forged 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloy.

Both these two types of Aluminum alloys are of good strength, toughness, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Because of good thermal conductivity, the aluminum wheel spacers will dissipate brake heat better. This is exactly good for rims or brakes. They feature nicer designs that add both style and function when you’re upgrading your vehicle. If you have a serious race car, BONOSS forged 7075-T6 spacers are well worth the investment. For most people, 6061-T6 wheel spacers are more cost-effective and enough for daily commuting.

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BONOSS Wheel Spacers with Extremely Lightweight Design

Sometimes people like to add BONOSS wheel spacers to achieve better appearance and handling. But we also know that the vehicle weight affects the ability to accelerate, corner, and brake. At this point, lighter wheel spacers are good for weight savings. The lightweight plus BONOSS wheel spacers are machined with “Hollow Carved” holes. This design provides obviously lightweight effect while maintaining high strength. For example, a normal BMW 10mm spacer is 346g and a BONOSS hollow 10mm spacer is 251g. The weight is reduced by 113g (32.7% off).

For two pieces of equal volume, aluminum BONOSS wheel spacers can be three times lighter than steel ones. Lighter wheel spacers will operate well at a higher performance in most conditions. That is why most customers choose BONOSS forged aluminum lightweight plus wheel spacers for performance improvement and appealing look enhancement.

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BONOSS Wheel Spacers with Grade 12.9 Wheel Bolts

Lightweight BONOSS wheel spacers are slip-on types, so a set of new extended wheel bolts is necessary to safely secure them. BONOSS forged grade 12.9 wheel bolts can add safety as well as maximize the appearance of your wheels. The grade 12.9 means the minimum tensile strength of the wheel bolts is 1,220 MPa. And most originally equipped wheel bolts are grade 10.9 (about 1,040 MPa). The stronger the bolt is, the more force it can withstand more force before breaking. Changing to higher grade wheel bolts improves safety.

The seat parts of BONOSS extended wheel bolts are floating styles. This makes it convenient to change the seat types to fit various wheels. Compared to the integral-seat wheel bolts, they are more flexible. By simply changing the seat spacer, you can transform a conical seat into a ball seat. Furthermore, the separate design eliminates the bolts loosening and abnormal sound caused by the PCD hole coaxially deviation between the vehicle hub and wheels while driving. Since the floating seats are not fixed, they can effectively prevent your beautiful wheels from being scratched by the bolts.

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