If you’re a Lexus IS owner looking to give your car a more aggressive stance and improved handling, wheel spacers are a great modification to consider. Wheel spacers create more clearance between your wheels and the vehicle body, allowing you to run wider tires for better grip and a meaner look. But with so many options out there, what thickness of wheel spacers should you get for your IS?

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the right Lexus IS wheel spacers. We’ll discuss optimal spacer sizes, bolt patterns, and recommend some of the best wheel spacer brands and models specifically designed for the IS. Let’s dive in!

What Thickness of Wheel Spacers Can Fit a Lexus IS Better?

The thickness of wheel spacers that will work best for your Lexus IS depends on a few factors – your wheel specifications, suspension setup, and the look you’re going for. In general, most IS owners opt for spacers between 5-30mm in thickness.

A 5-10mm spacer will give you a subtle change in stance and clearance for slightly wider tires. This is a good starting point if you want to improve handling marginally without going too extreme.

For a more aggressive fitment, 15-30mm spacers are a popular choice on the IS. This size will really push the wheels out and allow you to run tires up to 20-25mm wider than stock for improved grip.

No matter what size you choose, getting high-quality hub-centric spacers and having them professionally installed and aligned is crucial for safety and performance.

What Bolt Pattern Are Lexus IS Wheel Spacers?

The bolt pattern you need for your Lexus IS wheel spacers will depend on the specific year and model. Across all IS generations, most bolt pattern is:

  • 5×114.3 (IS 200t/300/350/500, 2014-present)

For 2014+ models like the IS 200t, 300, 350 or 500, you need 5×114.3 patterned spacers. Double check your specific vehicle’s bolt pattern by inspecting the center bore of one of your wheels or consulting your owner’s manual. Getting the right bolt pattern is essential for proper fitment.

What Size Lexus IS Wheel Spacers Are Best? What Size Lexus IS Wheel Spacers Are Best?

Best Lexus IS Wheel Spacers Recommendations

When it comes to choosing wheel spacers for your Lexus IS, there are a lot of cheap, low-quality options out there. We recommend spending a bit more for a premium set like BONOSS wheel spacers that uses sturdy materials and has a few key features:

Global Pioneer Active Cooling Technique. Solid spacers can potentially cause brake overheating issues due to reduced airflow. Look for spacers designed with internal cooling fins or vents to allow airflow and prevent overheating.

Forged AL7075-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 572 MPa. The forged aluminum construction should meet or exceed this high tensile strength specification to ensure the spacers can handle the immense forces they’ll see on your IS.

Over 66 SGS & TÜV Certified. They’ve subjected their spacers to over 66 different safety tests and certifications from SGS and TÜV authorities.

10 Year Warranty. A confident 10 year warranty backs their wheel spacers against any defects or premature failure.

No matter which brand you choose, getting high-quality, properly fitted wheel spacers is crucial for maintaining safety and factory-like drivability on your IS.

There’s no question that wheel spacers can really transform the look and driving experience of a Lexus IS. With a few key bits of info – optimal spacer sizes, correct bolt pattern, and quality construction – you can dial in the perfect aggressive yet functional stance for your IS.

We’d recommend most street IS owners look for 5×114.3 bolt pattern spacers in the 15-20mm range from a trusted brand. This will give you a mean, wide stance while still maintaining safety and reasonable clearances. Just be sure to get quality forged aluminum spacers with high-grade hardware and have them installed by a professional for proper alignment.

Do it right, and wheel spacers can take your IS’s styling and performance to the next level. Whether at the show or on your favorite backroad, you’ll love the menacing, ground-hugging look and boosted cornering grip they provide.