Yes, the Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are sometimes a better option than offset wheels. Because different rims come with different offset and backspacing. Wider tires would occupy more room in the fender. These Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are useful when installing high positive offset rims. The lower the offset is, the more your wheel will stick out. For instance, if your offset is +60mm, and you get 7mm wheel spacers installed, the offset will be +53mm.

This is generally good for creating a sportier and more aggressive stance. Besides, these Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are a good idea to stop bigger tires from rubbing. And the Porsche wheel spacers will push the whole wheels out a few distances. When pushing the wheels out, you get more inside rim space. As this space increases, you lower the risk of the tire rubbing the suspension or brakes.

Do Porsche Cayenne Wheel Spacers Solve Big Brake Clearance Issues?

Yes, Porsche wheel spacers can easily solve big brake clearance issues. Typically, performance brake calipers are often required more space to fit. Thus, it is necessary to utilize Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers. BONOSS forged lightweight plus wheel spacers are generally produced by 0.02mm CNC machines, which ensures a smooth surface and stable construction. In other words, the higher the precision, the better the performance.

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What’s better, BONOSS forged lightweight plus Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers are a good idea. These lightweight wheel spacers are machined with advanced “Hollow Carved” holes. This design provides a lightweight effect while maintaining high strength. Compared with the previous-gen product, they are at least 20% weight off. Installing such lightweight plus wheel spacers wouldn’t noticeably affect the acceleration or mpg.

Are Porsche Cayenne Wheel Spacers Hard to Remove?

When upgrading to a new brake system or changing to a different Porsche Cayenne wheel spacers, you have to remove the old spacers. Removing wheel spacers should not be hard. For example, to make the removal process easier, BONOSS forged lightweight plus Cayenne wheel spacers come with disassembly grooves. There are some small notches that are distributed on the corner.

When the spacer fits on the brake rotor, each notch will leave a limited clearance between the rotor and the spacer. It has been proved to be a useful design, which improves the disassembly efficiency greatly. Done properly, running BONOSS forged lightweight plus Porsche Cayenne rim spacers will be fine for years without any problems.

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