Anti-corrosion is important for every car components and accessories. For wheel spacers, corrosion is one of the most critical reasons that cause wheel spacers failure. Applying the proper anti-rust coating to the wheel spacers can provide it with the necessary protection against the deteriorating effects caused by exposure to water. Such exposure that produces rust can negatively destroy the performance, reducing the strength, shorten the service life range. At BONOSS, we apply advanced corrosion prevention technologies to ensure wheel spacers safety.

Black Hard Coat AnodizingProper Corrosion Protection for Wheel Spacers Safety

The body of BONOSS wheel spacers applied advanced black hard coat anodizing technology. Hard coat anodizing is a proven very useful electrochemical coating process that provides both predominant corrosion-resistance durability and an excellent exterior. As the previous article mentioned, the 6061-T6/7075-T6 Aluminum features good finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing (including clear and color dye, and hard coat). The process provides the surface with better abrasion resistance, flame resistance and smoother and harder finish protection than regular paint or metal plating. According to the characteristics of anodizing, it is able to dye the product in the process. At BONOSS, we choose the best dyeing-Black Hard Anodizing. The black dye not only brings a premium appearance but also tends to be more lightfast. To be lightfast means that the colors will not fade as quickly. It is an ideal hard coating process for forged Aluminum wheel spacers which is the same as numerous high-performance industrial components.

Dacromet Surface Treatment

The matching studs/nuts of BONOSS wheel spacers applied the superior Dacromet Surface Treatment process. Dacromet is a new type of metal surface anti-corrosion coating that uses aluminum flakes, zinc and chromic acid as the main coating materials. Here are the advantages of the Dacromet Surface Treatment:

1. No hydrogen embrittlement, so that it is very suitable for the coating of the force components like wheel studs and lug nuts.
2. High corrosion resistance. It is 7-10 times better than traditional galvanizing treatment. The neutral salt spray test can last for more than 500 hours and even higher, which is far better than galvanized.
3. Heat resistance. The Dacromet coating has a heat resistance temperature of above 300 ° C. It can also be used continuously for a long time at 250 ° C. In that temperature, the zinc layer has already been failed.
4. Excellent permeability. The Dacromet treatment fluid can penetrate into the tight joint of the workpiece to form a rust-proof coating so that it can improve the rust prevention ability inside and outside. In addition, it behaves greatly at the assembly of parts and at multiple screwing.
5. Environmentally Friendly. It is an environment-friendly coating process. During the technical treatment of Dacromet, there is no acid washing, electrodeposition, electric de-oiling, etc. That means no pollution.

To summary: The Dacromet surface treatment offers excellent protection for wheel studs and lug nuts. And because of the general avoidance of hydrogen embrittlement, it is an excellent choice for the coating of connection elements and safety components in the automotive components and accessories.