If you’re interested in buying second-hand wheels for off-road events, you may have run across 2-inch wheel spacers. Those aftermarket wheels or rims can often enhance a car’s appearance, adding more style and improved off-roading ability. But there could be a few issues which are where 2-inch wheel spacers come into play.

When adding new wheels or tires, the size matters may occur. For example, wheels that are much larger than the car’s original set could have a rubbing problem. Eventually, this could cause premature fender or other suspension parts failure. Higher offset rims will also cause the rims to stick into the inner wheel well, which could hit the brake calipers. With less backspacing, the wheel can even not be secured properly. By spacing the wheels out about 50mm, 2-inch wheel spacers solve the above problems easily and quickly.

What're the Pros and Cons of 2-inch Wheel Spacers Safe Hub Centric 50.8mm Spacers (4)

What're the Pros and Cons of 2-inch Wheel Spacers Safe Hub Centric 50.8mm Spacers (1)

How Much Do 2-inch Wheel Spacers Give?

As a rule of thumb, 2-inch wheel spacers will reduce about 50mm offset. It is simple to calculate the final offset. Assuming your new wheel offset is +86mm, and you have 2-inch wheel spacers installed, then the final offset will be +36mm (86  – 50 = 36). This increases the track width of your vehicle. As the track width increases, the roll resistance enhances. You will experience better handling especially when cornering.

There are more advantages as the backspacing increases. If you’re interested in buying a performance brake kit, more wheel backspacing will allow installing bigger brake calipers with no problems. In this case, 2-inch wheel spacers create more backspacing. This prevents big brake calipers from exceeding the inside wheel spokes. The thicker the wheel spacer is, the more the backspace of the wheel.

What're the Pros and Cons of 2-inch Wheel Spacers Safe Hub Centric 50.8mm Spacers (2)

Are Aluminum 2-inch Wheel Spacers Good for Off-roading?

Nowadays, aluminum 2-inch wheel spacers become the most commonly used spacers for improving performance and appealing look. If you are looking for wheel spacers with durability and better corrosion resistance, then aluminum 2-inch wheel spacers are the route to go. Furthermore, aluminum 2-inch spacers will dissipate brake heat better. This is good for brake heat dissipation.

BONOSS forged aluminum 2-inch wheel spacers are well designed to offer better venting. The active cooling grooves allow for more airflow over the brakes. By hard anodized coating, the corrosion-resistance ability of BONOSS wheel spacers is greatly enhanced. You don’t need to worry about the spacers becoming a weak point in the wheel combination due to corrosion and deterioration. For those who often drive cross swamps, ponds, or other wet conditions, aluminum 2-inch wheel spacers are a good choice for a balance of performance, aesthetics, and cost. Always stick to high-quality wheel spacers, then you can enjoy all the upsides of spacers.