What 2022 Tesla Model 3 Lug Nuts Do I Need BONOSS Wheel Nuts

There are various 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts selling on the market. Each of them has different thread pitches, seat types, colors, and lengths. Getting the correct lug nuts for 2022 Tesla Model 3 is very important to ensure a safe and secure installation. When properly torqued, these 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts will ‘stretch’ a certain amount which allows the nuts to create a firm mechanical connection to the wheel studs, locking the wheels in place. You can easily identify factory stud thread in your vehicle owner’s manual or use a simple thread pitch gauge to do some measurement. It is also critical to confirm the seat type of your wheels to ensure a proper fit for both safety and appearance. Note that not all 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts have the same shape. In fact, there are several different seat types for a variety of aftermarket wheels.

Types of 2022 Tesla Model 3 Lug Nuts

Commonly, there are four types of 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts: conical wheel nuts, ball wheel nuts, flat wheel nuts, and spline drive wheel nuts. Aftermarket wheels are often designed to use stock lug nuts, but some rims require a new set to ensure a proper fit. The most common 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts you would find on the auto shops are by far conical lug nuts. They are designed with a beveled 60 degree angled tapered to fit cone-shaped lug holes of the wheels. The ball seat lug nut is designed with an inverted bowl-shaped seat to fit the ball seat lug hole. And the flat seat lug nut is a completely flat shape used with a separate washer. Getting these wrong can use the wrong seat type, as will damage the wheel. Check the seat type of wheels before purchasing. It’s also essential to be aware of the head shape. Most 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts have a hex shape that is designed for fitting a range of regular sockets. But some lug nuts’ head diameter is commonly designed for specific aftermarket wheels and will require an adapter for installation/removal.

What 2022 Tesla Model 3 Lug Nuts Do I Need

Are Aftermarket 2022 Tesla Model 3 Lug Nuts Safe to Use?

Yes, they are sometimes safer than the OEM ones. Most 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts are made of chrome-plated steel. Titanium or Anodized Aluminum wheel nuts are better lighter-weight parts for performance upgrades. The Tensile Strength of BONOSS forged Titanium lug nuts have reached 1,110Mpa and the Tensile Strength of BONOSS forged 7075-T6 Aluminum lug nuts has reached 572Mpa, safe and not easy to break. These 2022 Tesla Model 3 lug nuts should always be tightened to correct torque specifications. Proper tools and procedures are the basis of safe installation. This will prevent over-tightening the wheel fasteners, stripping the fastener threads, and stretching the studs. Since the thickness of aftermarket wheels are different from the stock ones, it’s critical to verify that the lug nuts will properly engage the threads. As a rule of thumb, the engagement must equal the thread diameter, so M12x1.5 needs 12mm of engagement, M14x1.25 needs 14mm of engagement… If 1 turn of the nut equals 1.5mm, then for the M14x1.5 studs we need a minimum of 9.5 turns.